2019 Jakarta’s Best Eats Winners Announced

FoodieS Magazine and AQUA Reflections proudly announced the Top 40 winners of the 2019 Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards at the Awards Gala on 10 April 2019 at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards 2019 named AMUZ as ‘Restaurant of the Year’, Fernando Sindu takes home the ‘Chef of the Year’ award and Roosevelt named Johnnie Walker’s ‘Bar of the Year’

Indonesia’s First Objective Restaurant Awards

Inspired by the rise of local food-driven culture, Jakarta’s Best Eats was launched in December 2017 with the purpose to scrutinize and recognize outstanding dining establishments amidst the rigorous competition in the capital’s ever-evolving dining scene. By appointing a panel of experts and well-respected judges in the culinary industry, thus creating an objective judging process. The inaugural Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards given in February 2018 named the Top 40 restaurants in Jakarta with special mentions to Kaum Jakarta as Restaurant of the Year, Ragil Imam Wibowo of Nusa Gastronomy as Chef of the Year and Leòn as Bar of the Year.

Expanding its wings, the awards also launched Bali’s Best Eats 2018 to recognize the large manifestation of quality restaurants in the Island of Gods. The awards selected Locavore as Restaurant of the Year, Wayan Kresna Yasa of Kaum as Chef of the Year and Frestro as Bar of the Year.


Encouraging A World-Class Dining Scene

With the unprecedented growth of the culinary industry in Jakarta, creating delicious rivalries and innovative dining trends, FoodieS Magazine together with the pioneer bottled mineral water in the country, AQUA Reflections, capitalize on the hits and misses of the industry and together with a panel of “gastronome’ judges, the search for world-class dining venues and culinary profiles continues.

Jakarta’s Best Eats Awards 2019 provides an expert eye to inform local and international diners alike about the creative talents behind Jakarta’s lucrative culinary industry and inspire chefs and restaurateurs to continuously develop outstanding dining experiences.

Jed Doble, the Publisher of FoodieS Magazine said, “As the world of food and restaurants continues to evolve, Jakarta’s Best Eats is excited to evolve along with it. We have witnessed many creative concepts and talented chefs showcasing extraordinary, world-class offerings, and with these Awards we want to appreciate and encourage culinary creativity and excellence to even greater heights. Our ultimate goal is to shed a light on the amazing talent and creativity in Jakarta and help ensure that every night at these award-winning restaurants is fully booked.”


Jakarta’s Best Eats 2019 Judging

Jakarta’s Best Eats has assembled a panel of reputable industry experts from diverse backgrounds and specialties, to ensure a credible, honest and ethical judging process. The judging panel included:

  1. Ade Putri Paramadita – Food Storyteller
  2. Ethan Lim – VP-Marketing Danone
  3. Jed Doble – Publisher, FoodieS Magazine
  4. Linda Tan – Gourmand
  5. Odilia Winneke – Food Writer
  6. Rinrin Marinka – Celebrity Chef
  7. Tantra Tobing – Gourmand & Lifestyle Blogger
  8. Yuda Bustara – Celebrity Chef

Restaurants were segmented and competed in one of three categories:
Fine Dining – venues making an illustrious effort in the pursuit of perfection in taste, presentation, creativity, service and table arrangement. Upscale Venues – venues going the extra mile to provide foodies with a smart, conceptual dining in an inviting ambience. Casual Dining – venues that rose above many other establishments, offering relaxed, lively and straightforward food and beverage experiences.

The establishments were judged on the following criteria:

50% – Cuisine, based on taste, creativity and execution

20% – Quality of service

20% – Drinks menu or wine list

10% – Interior design or character

Each judge can only vote for a restaurant if they had eaten at the restaurant in the last 12 months. All past visits to the restaurants were made without identifying themselves as part of the jury. Further, the award organizers, sponsors, short- listed restaurants and jury members kept the restaurant selection and deliberation process confidential before the awards night. They also certified that they had not been offered nor had they received any incentives as part of the judging process.

This year, aside from the judges, Jakarta’s Best Eats formed a Chefs Academy which formed part of the voting panel. Consisting of expert chefs, members of the Chefs Academy were invited to vote for their best restaurants in the city, and these votes formed part of the final decision that ultimately shaped the Jakarta’s Best Eats list. The Chefs Academy acted as additional palates and eyes, enabling the judging panel to obtain a wider sample of expert votes.


List of Winners Jakarta’s Best Eats 2019:

Restaurant of the Year


Chef of the Year


Bar of the Year – Presented by Johnnie Walker



Fine Dining

Venues making an illustrious effort in their pursuit of perfection in taste, presentation, creativity, service and table arrangement.

  1. AB Steak
  2. Akira Back
  3. Alto
  4. Amuz
  5. Bistecca
  6. Hakkasan Jakarta
  7. Henshin
  8. Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy
  9. Oku
  10. View


Upscale Venues 

Venues going the extra mile to provide Jakarta’s foodies with the best in smart dining, regardless of size.

  1. Altitude Grill
  2. Arts Café By Raffles
  3. Bunga Rampai
  4. Cork & Screw Country Club
  5. JIA
  6. Kaum
  7. Kila Kila
  8. Kilo Kitchen
  9. Le Quartier
  10. Monty’s
  11. Fox
  12. Paradise Dynasty
  13. Plataran Menteng
  14. Ristorante Da Valentino
  15. Sana Sini
  16. Tugu Kunstkring Paleis
  17. Turkuaz
  18. Union
  19. Up In Smoke
  20. Vong Kitchen


Casual Dining

Venues that rose above many other establishments, offering relaxed, livelier and straightforward food-and-beverage experiences.

  1. Fujin
  2. Gioi
  3. Greyhound Café
  4. Kayu Kayu
  5. Lawless Burgerbar
  6. Monolog
  7. Padang Merdeka
  8. Penang Bistro
  9. Taco Local
  10. The People’s Café


Manifestation of “Reflections of You” in Culinary Industry

Reflections of You, a campaign by AQUA Reflections that continuously appreciates Indonesian inspirational figures who dedicate themselves in lifestyle, art, fashion, as well as culinary industry. Working together with FoodieS Magazine allows Reflections to give appreciation to culinary industry talents who are constantly pushing the boundaries of the industry by raising the quality of their offerings, actively stepping up industry standards, and being able to compete by international standards.

“We are taking a tangible step to show our commitment as AQUA Reflections in contributing to lift–up the standards in quality for Indonesia’s culinary industry through Jakarta’s Best Eats. In addition, we hope that Jakarta’s Best Eats will trigger more local culinary talents to keep on progressing and innovating to achieve excellence in the Indonesian culinary industry”, said Flora Tobing, AQUA Reflections Brand Manager.

Written by FoodieS April 10, 2019.