Suave Spot on Pandawa Beach

Roosterfish Beach Club, the first beach club in Pandawa Beach offers stylish fun and excellent food.

IT IS NO SECRET that Bali has countless beach spots to chill that sometimes it can be hard to pick where to spend your lazy afternoon. But if you’re ever in the southern part of Nusa Dua, particularly in a stunning stretch of sandy white beach called Pandawa, you will not miss the new Roosterfish Beach Club. Pandawa Beach is mostly known to stage an alluring traditional Kecak dance in the late afternoon, but ever since Roosterfish Beach Club opened up, the beach-going crowd has since found a new home in the area.


The concept of Roosterfish Beach Club, owned and operated by the new, up-and-coming Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa, is an open-air beach club with spacious dining and bar areas as well as a generous playground area, which features shady cabanas, well-designed pools place strategically to offer a sweeping view of the ocean, a beach volleyball court, and a grassy Instagenic rise as vantage point to capture the scenic landscape of Pandawa Beach.

“Everyone is welcome at Roosterfish. We’re not offering the usual beach-club-party-and-drinks idea. We are a concept that’s accessible for everyone looking for a chill vibe. Whether you’re bringing friends and families, or you’re looking to kill time with great food and drinks, or enjoying some fresh cocktails and light bites for a fun sunset session, Roosterfish Beach Club will always have something for you,” Head Chef Danang Wijanarka tells us about the new beach club’s concept.

In terms of F&B, Chef Danang and his culinary team has conceptualized a fun and scrumptious surf-and-turf menu with a lot of local influence, sustained by the best and freshest local produce, and, of course, a no flavor enhancer policy.

One of the most popular comfort bites is the Chili Crab Pizza, a dish that Chef Danang has made his own throughout his career in various establishments in metropolitans such as Dubai and Singapore. Mildly hot and sprinkled with fresh seafood ingredients as well as cheese and vegetables, the Chili Crab Pizza is an excellent beach club vibe food that’s easy to enjoy for everyone.

For the main course, we recommend the signature Roosterfish Platter, which plates chicken and fish in a very authentic Balinese style with an added international presentation. “For those not used to spicy food, we can tone down the spiciness as needed or provide sour cream on the side to cut down the spice or suggest a sparkling drink. We use free-range chicken cooked betutu style, while the fish is charcoal-grilled leaf-wrapped pepes style. The menu comes with fries instead of rice, with the rice option still available,” Chef Danang explained.


In the drinks section, Bar Team Leader Bayu Putra echoes the fresh vibe of Roosterfish Beach Club by preparing a number of original cocktails and mocktails inspired by the classics. Do try the signature cocktails Bloody Scary Marry or Pandawa Sour.

The Pandawa Sour takes a base of Irish whisky infused with seaweed, umami cordial, citrus, egg white, and bitters, while the Bloody Scary Marry takes the classic bloody marry and add a touch of Roosterfish’s homemade sauce of barbecue, chili and soya sauce for a touch of spiciness garnishing the rim of the red, skull-shaped glass. This drink is also the signature throughout Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa’s cocktail-serving venues.

Located at the pristine Pandawa Beach, Roosterfish Beach Club is also accessible via regular shuttle bus from the main lobby of Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort and Spa.



Jalan Pantai Pandawa, Bali 80361

T: +62 361 200 3588

Instagram: @roosterfishbeachclub



Written by Refa Koetin Photographs by AKI January 9, 2019.