Craft Coffee By Kitchen Aid

KitchenAid craft coffee line brings the café experience into home kitchens.

Good news to all the caffeine drinkers, now you can enjoy a manual brew coffee on your home with just a click. KitchenAid has introduced pour-over coffee maker and the siphon coffee brewer that can bring a range of barista techniques to deliver nuanced flavors, aromas, and expert consistency of a high-end craft coffee house to your house.

“Our product designers spent the past few years extracting lessons from some of the most time-tested and barista-approved brewing methods for craft coffee,” said Kevin Tjandra, an avid coffee lover, café owner, and general manager of PT Mega Sukses Jaya, the authorized sole distributor of KitchenAid in Indonesia. “They then combined this learning with the modern, artful product design that has become the hallmark of KitchenAid brand.”

KitchenAid siphon coffee brewer reimagined the theater of classic vacuum pot brewers with modern engineering, simple setup, and fewer parts. It combines the richness of total- immersion brewing methods with the clean flavor profile of filter brewed coffee, all without the need for an actual filter.

The pour-over coffee brewer emulates the technique of an expert barista with a pre-infusion stage that pours just enough water to wet the coffee grounds, then pauses long enough to allow the fresh coffee to “exhale” before the final brewing stage. This technique creates the “bloom” that marks a great cup of pour-over coffee, without the need to watch, wait and hover the cup.

The brewer also boasts of a carefully designed shower head that fully saturates the fresh grounds, and an intermittent brewing cycle that mimics the natural pauses in a handmade pour over brew. In addition, it features multiple brewing temperature setting calibrated for both light and dark roast coffees, and an adjustable cup setting that optimize the brew for different batch sizes.

Pour-over coffee brewer has earned a Home Brewer Certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of America which enforces some of the country’s toughest guidelines on home coffee brewing equipment.

“Good coffee is becoming more prevalent today, much like craft beer,” addded kevin, “And what you’re seeing is that once people are exposed to craft coffee, there is no turning back.”

Other than those two machines, KitchenAid also has more line up craft coffee machine like cold brew maker, precision press coffee maker, manual espresso maker and burr grinder. It’s a complete set to entertain coffee lover and bring their favorite coffee inside their home.

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Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard May 28, 2017.