When Musical Passion  Meets Great F&B

Refa Koetin 16 Jun 2018

Famous for its musical entertainment and lively crowd, León is looking to continue their dominance in the F&B hangout scene. 


Dining by THE LAGOON

Refa Koetin 15 Jun 2018

At Lagoon Café, the calmness of Mother Nature goes hand-in-hand with her palatable bounties.

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La Crème de la Crème : Showcases The World’s Finest Pastry Chefs

FoodieS 12 Jun 2018

A total of 11 internationally acclaimed pastry chefs showcased the quality and finesse of the French dairy cream and Valrhona chocolate at the Food & Hotel Asia, 2018


Living GRAND

Refa Koetin 11 Jun 2018

With a brand new look and a fresh take on Indonesian dining, the new Grand Café redefines grandeur.


Melanie Hamedl: Hospitality is in the Blood

FoodieS 09 Jun 2018

Taking a new perspective of open-minded passion in understanding a city’s growing F&B industry.

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Michelin-starred Valentino Palmisano at ALTO

FoodieS 08 Jun 2018

Empowered by his Italian heritage, Chef Valentino Palmisano takes pride in sharing happiness through honest cooking.

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Discovering REAL Indonesian Dishes

Yosua Yanuard 07 Jun 2018

If you think you know enough about Indonesian dishes, think again, because Aromanis Restaurant offers a unique flavor experience that can surprise even a native Indonesian.

Happy Hour

Negroni Week

Tariq Widarso/@sip_sensei 07 Jun 2018

This week, the world celebrates one of the greatest cocktails concocted in the early 20th century, the Negroni.

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CHEESE of EUROPE: Open Your Taste

FoodieS 06 Jun 2018

Loving, Tasting and Enjoying European Cheeses


Cocktail Meets Dessert

FoodieS 05 Jun 2018

Cocktail MeetsDessert

Introducing Up In Smoke’s latest cocktail and dessert pairing menu, crafted to “confuse” guests with goodness never before tasted.

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Unforgettable Indonesia at AMANDARI

FoodieS 02 Jun 2018

Amandari was the perfect backdrop for a scrumptious dinner cooked by Chef Petty Elliott and the Aman Group’s executive chefs.


Vegan Haven

Refa Koetin 01 Jun 2018

Inspired by her own personal journey, déj is Talita Setyadi’s latest F&B outlet aimed to promote the healthy food movement.