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World Class is Back

Finally the wait is over. After a year’s wait in Indonesia, World Class, the prestigious bartending competition has made a comeback in 2019. Every year, Diageo hosts the world’s biggest bartending competition, to find the next World Class Bartender. for those who want a shot at the 2019 title, start preparing your signature drink now as submissions are being accepted starting 8th February 2019.

World Class exists to inspire consumers to care about what, where and how they drink by pushing boundaries, elevating and celebrating the craft of bartending. Each bartender will be asked to experiment and push the boundaries through applying the ingredients and techniques a chef would use to create flavours in creating an outstanding drink.

World Class invites all bartenders in Indonesia to be part of the competition and requests them to upload their submission online at http://www.worldclasscompetition.com/ between now and 8th March 2019. Simply fill up the form together with a photo or 3 minutes (maximum length) video of their signature drinks on your personal Facebook account – put the link on the submission form for the Diageo team to asses.

In Indonesia, working at a bar has not always been regarded as a long-term profession, but more often as a second occupation or hobby. However, in recent years this has changed as more and more exclusive bars pop ups are attended by customers who enjoy the finer things in life. As a result, there is a growing demand for bartenders who know their trade and are highly skilled at their profession. And this is where World Class Competition comes in the picture, pushing the bartenders’ creativity. Create beautiful drinks with completely new creations that are finished off with garnishes. Even though you should hold on to some general rules when it comes to bartending, adapting according situations often leads to inventing the next best cocktail.

Speaking about World Class, Wawan Kurniawan Diageo Brand Ambassador said, “World Class in Indonesia has witnessed many talented and creative bartenders develop their skills and showcase their talent with pride. As part of the competition we hold workshops and seminars which are aimed at equipping the contestants with tips and techniques to hone their craft. It is wonderful and inspiring to witness the journey of the bartenders over the course of the competition”.

After the submission is closed, World Class will select the Top 50 bartenders that will qualify for semi-finals in March 2019. These participants will compete through various factors to win a spot for the Top 8 bartenders in April 2019 . Moving into the finals, the Top 8 Bartenders will ultimately move ahead to the National Final event, where the competition will culminate with the selection of the winner in Bali in May 2019. To share your experiences of this event or know more find hashtag: #worldclassID.

The announcement of the Top 50 and Top 8 will be made here on  https://foodies.id/.

As a socially responsible company, Diageo actively promotes moderation in alcohol consumption through different initiatives globally and locally, to mentions a few are Join the Pact, Responsible Drinking campaign and Diageo Bar Academy. The purpose of these activities is to educate consumers on responsible drinking and drink enjoyment, including raising consumer awareness of Diageo product quality and originality. Through World Class, Diageo also conveys the message of cocktail culture drink enjoyment. For more info about Diageo’s global responsible drinking information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice, resource, please visit www.DRINKiQ.com.

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