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Spirited Pairing

Cuisine and cocktails go together. We asked Union group mixologist Mirwansyah “Bule” about his idea of perfect junk food tipples.

Bule believes that any dish can easily be enhanced by a whole range of drinks. Cocktails, in this case, with their endless versatility not provide only safe options, but also creativity.

When it comes to junk food, Bule said there were two important cocktail characteristics to go with: fizzy and sour. Why these two? Bule said fizz and sourness function as palate cleansers.

“Junk food is usually very fatty and creamy. These things will fill up your palate. Fizzy and sour drinks help cut those overwhelming tastes. I think it is important because when you eat heavy, fatty and creamy food, your palate needs a break,” said Bule, who admitted he is addicted to quesadillas.

For FoodieS, Bule showcased four cocktails to enjoy with chosen guilty pleasures: two fizzy and two sour.

Ahuevo Mohito

(Coriander infused tequila, cherry soda, lime juice)

“The drink is made by infusing tequila with coriander. It is infused carefully so as not overpower the tequila. With elements like fresh lime juice, sugar, bay leaves, celery leaves and mint leaves, it is very suitable for Mexican food, burgers, pasta and pizza.”


45 ml       Jose Blanco infused with coriander

20 ml       Fresh lime juice

10 ml       Gomme

Topped up with cherry soda


“A refreshing accompaniment for spicy Mexican dishes, Japanese noodles, french fries, pasta and pizza. The taste of this cocktail is great for cutting through the tasty fats of cured meats and sharp cheeses. Paloma is a mixture of tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, yuzu juice, sugar and agave.”

Blueberry Sour

“It is made of from genever gin, fresh lemon juice, blackberry liquor and ruby port wine. It is great to have while enjoying fish and chips, pizza, fried chicken, french fries and noodles.”

Sparkling Julep

“This a version from Georgia Julep. The mixture consists of brandy, peaches, mint leaves, sparkling wine and citrus liquor. This cocktail is a great match for pairing with heavy, fatty and creamy food.”

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