A New Take on BRUNCH

For those who enjoy a good, hearty brunch and then some, Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House is a must visit!

If you’re a conscious food enthusiast that appreciates blissful brunch-themed comfort dishes in particular, then chances are you’ve visited Poach’d Brunch & Coffee House, a delightfully cozy all-day brunch eatery that offers international brunch food and beverages with a unique twist. According to owner Karizma Soraya, her restaurant “brings the best brunch selection from multiple cuisines, such as Australian, French, Moroccan, or Indonesian, and presents them in a visually pleasing way for everyone to enjoy, heavily influenced by Melbourne style brunches.”  

“The concept of all-day brunch in Jakarta is catching, and frankly it’s getting quite boring because everybody is doing the same thing, and so we wanted to be different. Based on what’s achievable and relevant to Jakartans, we are trying to do something that’s not too surprising or too out there. We are anchored towards Melbourne style eateries, where fresh, tasty produce like cheese, lamb, or pork, are served honestly and on the healthier side,” added Executive Chef Nabil Jaghdour.

The leader of Poach’d culinary team is a highly passionate chef that lives and breathes to create culinary masterpieces. “I’ve wanted to be a chef since I was very small, and I started culinary school to pursue this goal at 15 years old,” Chef Nabil Jaghdour humbly explained. Chef Nabil is a Moroccan who grew up in Bordeaux, and with years of experience in the UK and US under his belt as well as vast experience as private chefs to big name celebrities such as Jim Carey, Pharrell Williams, Gloria Estefan and John Travolta, the chef has no problem reinventing brunches from multiple countries into charming delicacies at Poach’d.

Eggs are one of the main focal highlights at Poach’d, eggs come in a number of ways. One of the most popular dishes is the aptly named Aussie. This plate serves two perfectly poached eggs served on top of delicious smoked salmon on top of toasted homemade sourdough garnished with hollandaise sauce. As for vegetables, the dish comes with a touch of horseradish sauce and capers to balance out the fresh salmon, as well as beetroots, pomegranate seeds, and alfalfa sprouts. Lastly, generous slices of avocado provide the perfect amount of good fat for a well-balanced diet. This is the kind of dish that, thanks to its varied, well thought out components, you can choose to enjoy however you wish. You can have the avocado first as appetizers before enjoying the eggs and toast as main and some pomegranate seeds for a refreshing end, or you can enjoy the whole serving conventionally.  


“I am deeply in love with Asian food, and Indonesia has great potential when it comes to variety of its dishes. This is why we also include quite a few Indonesian-inspired dishes in the menu, one of which being the Iga Bakar Bumbu Bali,” Nabil further revealed. The dish is a slow-cooked Australian ribs served with sambal bumbu Bali, the famous sambal matah, and nasi bakar, which is steamed rice seasoned with spices and herbs wrapped in fragrant banana leaf. The rib is perfectly cooked and almost melts in your mouth upon tasting, while the two kinds of sambal deliver quite the punch for those who particularly enjoy spicy food.

From the ‘healthy choice’ section, try the Pomegranate Muesli Bowl, which has honey yogurt topped with slices of mango, banana, almonds, pomegranate seeds, chocolate chips, and generous amount of homemade muesli. The beauty of this dish comes in threefold: massive nutrition benefits thanks to multiple superfoods in one bowl, superb freshness of the ingredients, and immaculate presentation. If that’s not enough, conscious eaters will be pleased to know that instead of using standard, processed cane sugar, Poach’d uses only natural sugar, such as honey or beet sugar.

With friendly prices and generous portions readily fit to fill either expats or local bellies, eating out at Poach’d is definitely a steal. Other signature dishes include Roasted Chicken Provençale, Truffled Pepper Steak, a quinoa-based brunch item called Vegetarian, and Healthy Grilled Salmon with plenty of greens and more superfood.

Cocktails are also part of the Melbourne culture. Some of the best cocktail selections at Poach’d include the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri (rum, strawberries, limes) or the punchy Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer, lime juice).

When asked about her upcoming ideas in the long run, Karizma remarked, “Someday I would love to do a basement whisky bar set in very vintage, warm ambience, but with no overly critical dress code. I think this is, like Poach’d originally, is one of those ideas that people will say ‘are you sure’ to.  And for that, it is definitely worth a shot.”



Jl. Kemang Raya No. 11, Jakarta 12730

T: +62 21 719 0706

Instagram: @poachd_kemang

Facebook: @poachdkemang

Written by FoodieS October 4, 2018.