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The new menu at Quila involves natural ingredients, immaculate presentation, and a lot of creativity.

QUILA at Alila Villas Uluwatu, is a restaurant known for providing a unique dining experience that stimulates the senses, Executive Chef Marc Lorés Panadés has recently launched a new selection of dishes inspired by his childhood experiences – a set of carefully crafted, well-balanced, plant-based dishes that are both healthy and delightful to taste. Quila’s new menu is something to be reckoned with thanks to the utilization of the freshest ingredients harvested directly from the hotel’s very own garden, and Chef Marc’s vastly creative mind.    

The new menu breathes new excitement to some of Quila’s popular dishes, as well as creating new ones to be relished by the growing vegan crowd or those more concerned with their diet. “We are gradually trying to replace every ingredient with what we have in the garden. Several highlights from the new menu that we are really happy about right now is the grilled eggplant with dried tomato and sambal gula Bali, and the grilled baby corn with green spicy moringa curry. For dessert, we have the tamarind sambal, pineapple, and starfruit sorbet, and traditional pisang goreng with variations of textures,” Chef Marc commented on the new menu.

Being into all things natural and a believer of honest cooking, Marc revealed his inspiration for this new menu. “You could say the inspiration was always there. Back in my hometown, my house was built on sustainable ways using solar panels and we had an organic garden at home and a copious supply of wholegrain food and a vast vegetarian base. These were healthy foods that I grew up with without being completely vegetarian. So when we started with the permaculture garden back on September 2017, naturally I felt very comfortable about it and it has been great so far.”

But amidst Bali’s constantly changing F&B scene, creating something new and out of the ordinary seldom comes without challenge. “The main challenge in this particular case is to create our plant-based dishes without using too much carbohydrates and to keep the delicate serving fresh. On the other hand, we have to keep it creative enough every time to avoid presenting a boring dish. The point is to marry fulfilling and creative aspects,” Marc added.

Even with the home grown garden, sometimes it is necessary for Marc to work with other farmers to supplement the many ingredients needed to craft Quila’s progressive cuisines. “We are also working with several organic farms in Bedugul area whenever it is necessary, but as I said, we tailor the menu depending on what we have in the garden first. While this makes it more challenging, we are allowed the chance to test our creativity on a daily basis,” according to Marc.

Hailing from Spain and with international cooking experience in numerous countries, including Denmark, England, Germany, and Hong Kong, Chef Marc is very much enjoying his role at Alila Villas Uluwatu, where his mettle and creativity is tested on a daily basis to deliver the best culinary experience to guests and dining enthusiasts.

When asked what to look forward to at Quila in the near future, Marc explained his plans, “We are planning more master classes to show guests around our garden and the different techniques and approaches that we use at Quila. We are having a lot of fun playing with local ingredients and turning them into something extraordinary, and we want to share the joy with as many people as we can.”

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