CREATIVE Culinary Loving

Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie offers a vibrantly colorful ambience and progressive dishes derived from solid French cooking for a delightful dining experience.


FOLIE, a French word meaning love to the brink of madness, is the perfect name for Chef Stephane Simond’s beautiful bistro out in Canggu. Inspired by his fascination with Asian flavor, Stephane utilizes solid French cooking techniques to process a multitude of local ingredients to create truly original dishes that possess all the best qualities of East and West.        

Coming in to Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie, you are welcomed by floor-to-ceiling glass at the front that lets plenty of natural sunlight in as well as allows guests to look inside this well-decorated restaurant’s main dining area. Entering through the glass door puts you face-to-face against a highly instagrammable wall decorated with a tropical mural and a lone rattan chair that has its own story to tell relating to an iconic French movie from the old days.

As you enter the main dining area, you’ll be refreshed by the neat and casual ambiance that is reflected by the inviting arrangement of wooden chairs and tables, a long sofa on the left side next to a dark, wooden cabinet of paraphernalia along clear windows that reveal lush greens surrounding the restaurant, and floors decorated by classic patterns commonly found in Indonesian homes back in the colonial era.

The excitement continues out through the back, where a spacious terrace sets the scene for a breezy, pink-dominated outdoor dining area with aquamarine half-circle sofas and shaded by a live, green pergola.

French cuisine is obviously the main driving force behind Folie’s menu, but Chef Stephane takes it a level further by adding local Indonesian touches here and there, something he has been doing since he fell in love with the country years ago.

“The food culture in France is very strong and we have a lot of classics. This is the main idea, but since we are in Indonesia, we want to be more creative and we want the prices to be friendlier, so we decided to have a mixture of Indonesian touch in our menu. The key thing is how we use local produce, and here in Bali, we have quality produce in abundance,” Chef Stephane explained.

At Folie, diners’ feedback is of the utmost importance, and Chef Stephane and his team is constantly evolving their menu and cooking style to please the ever discerning diners in the Island of the Gods.

“When you open a restaurant, you have to be ready for menu changes. At the beginning we had a much wider menu range, but now the concept is down to signature dishes that people keep coming back for, some specials that pops up sort of in like a trial and if people like it they will end up on the regular list, and we also have rotational dishes which would depend on available produce at a certain time. Overall, our menu is very complete because we have separate breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.”

One signature main course from the lunch menu is the Pan-seared foie gras with baked organic egg, sautéed mixed mushrooms served with cabernet wine sauce and petite mixed salad. It is a very rich dish which complements the succulent foie gras with rich earthy flavors of mixed mushrooms and elevated with a very well made wine sauce.

“Another dish that’s been selling out like crazy is our Angel Hair Pasta Aglio E Olio. I think people like it because it offers the refined flavors of aglio e olio like in a fine dining establishment but with a very affordable price,” according to Chef Stephane. This dish serves the pasta with dried tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic, grilled prawns, and crispy pancetta.

With the chic and stylish ambience of Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie, it is really no surprise that the restaurant is even filling tables outside of dining hours. There is a dessert and pastry corner just by the kitchen which displays a variation of scrumptious and colorful-looking goodies, such as Éclair Chocolate, the signature Folie choux that has jivara milk chocolate, passion fruit cream and pate a choux, a number of viennoiserie goodness, and popular desserts like the Arabica Coffee & Banana Soufflé flambéed with old brown rum, organic gula aren and ice cream, or the Valrhona Dark Chocolate Soufflé flambéed with Grand Marnier and hazelnut ice cream.

As if these heavenly bites weren’t tempting enough already, Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie will soon launch their own afternoon tea offering with more light bites and tea selection tailored specifically for ladies who appreciate great food and impeccable ambience. Stay tuned for more updates from Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie.  


Jalan Subak Sari 30A, Canggu

Bali 80361

T: +62 361 3003 475

Instagram: @foliebali

Facebook: @foliebali

Written by Refa Koetin Photographs by AKI September 14, 2018.