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FoodieS 30 Sep 2018

Elegant, sophisticated and creative



FoodieS 29 Sep 2018

Minimalist decor, maximum experience

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Epitome of Swiss Hospitality

Refa Koetin 28 Sep 2018

  Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali not only has scrumptious, Swiss-inspired culinary offerings, it also offers plenty of warm and internationally-renowned hospitality. From the trendy yet classy F&B venues to the well-designed rooms and suites, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran …

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HOMEGROWN Goodness  

Refa Koetin 27 Sep 2018

The new menu at Quila involves natural ingredients, immaculate presentation, and a lot of creativity. QUILA at Alila Villas Uluwatu, is a restaurant known for providing a unique dining experience that stimulates the senses, Executive Chef Marc Lorés Panadés has …


Island Cuppa Goodness

Refa Koetin 26 Sep 2018

Bringing decades of experience perfecting his trade, Shae Macnamara at Expat.Roasters is in the business of serving outstanding Indonesian coffee.   FROM THE PASSION project of internationally-acclaimed barista, Shae Macnamara, Expat.Roasters is more than just a beautifully designed coffeehouse. Working …

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The Science of BREAD

Refa Koetin 25 Sep 2018

The brainchild of Emerson Manibo and partner Min, StarterLAB has grown from a neighborhoodbakery to one of Bali’s most sought after bread and pastry manufacturers. “THE IDEA at first was just a neighborhood bread bakery doing naturally levain sourdough. I …

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CREATIVE Culinary Loving

Refa Koetin 14 Sep 2018

Folie Kitchen & Pâtisserie offers a vibrantly colorful ambience and progressive dishes derived from solid French cooking for a delightful dining experience.   FOLIE, a French word meaning love to the brink of madness, is the perfect name for Chef …

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Everything HANDMADE

Refa Koetin 13 Sep 2018

Chef Nathan Sasi believes in creating every single element of his cooking by himself, from sourcing products down to the most detailed sauces and condiments.   GIVEN THE highly seasonal nature of marine produce, running a seafood restaurant is always …


FRENCH Techniques meet LOCAL Flavors

FoodieS 06 Sep 2018

Jean-Georges Vongerichten and his son Cédric bring French-American style cooking to Indonesia with VONG Kitchen.

On The Pass

Welcoming Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2018

Refa Koetin 05 Sep 2018

With more exciting events and guest stars, Jakarta Culinary Feastival 2018 will be bigger and better than ever!

On The Pass

JIA Presents Classic Baked Mooncakes

FoodieS 03 Sep 2018

Delicious mooncakes are ready for you at JIA at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta for the Mid-Autumn Festival