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Exceptional Dining, BIKINI Style

From the creative minds which brought you Sisterfields and BO$$ MAN, Bikini restaurant was born as another addition to the rapidly-growing hospitality and lifestyle group 8 Degree Projects. Headed up by Melbournian founder & visionary, Adam McAsey alongside Creative Culinary Director Jethro Vincent and Group Head Chef Braden White, Bikini aims to re-imagine fine dining by infusing fresh energy and an informal charm that echo Bali’s vibrant F&B scene.    

As Jethro explains, “Bikini was born out of a desire to offer fine dining but not in a traditional formal way, while in an affordable price range so that anyone can come in and enjoy the Bikini experience. The concept itself is shared plate dining, so it’s a more energetic kind of dining where you pass the plate around, with good tunes in the background and a cocktail or two.”


With decades of experience between the restaurant’s two culinary experts, Bikini offers a menu that’s beyond conventional food categories and takes the path of pure creativity towards guest satisfaction. “With the nature of our menu itself, we recommend guests try the ‘Feed Me’ option, where we select up to 15 dishes to send to the table. Guests can say which dishes they would love to try, but we’ll modify it based on a lot of elements that day. By presenting guests with an unique chef’s choice everytime, we believe it’s the best way to highlight the Bikini experience.

By serving food this way, creativity becomes the main driving force behind the creation of unique dishes that never fail to delight discerning diners at Bikini. On a daily basis, it is no surprise to see Jethro and Braden “jamming” with the team, plugging away at a new dish in the middle of service. Within the kitchen, inspirations never stop flowing – ideas can come from the different types of ingredients, influenced by different techniques, the season, or even plating style. This varying source of inspiration is what keeps the show exciting for both chefs and guests.

“We’re very fortunate that the process comes easy to us. We work on the same wavelength. We like to cook food that people can relate to, but when they taste the dishes, they are pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t what they expected. For example, our chicken satay or our tzatziki. People know what tzatziki is, but when they get it sitting on top of a nice lamb tartare, now that’s what sets Bikini apart. Highly creative, but still approachable for people to understand and enjoy,” Braden added, mentioning the crowd pleasing dish, Lamb Tartare with tzatziki, oregano and pita bread.

In conjunction with its enigmatic culinary offerings, the interior of Bikini emits an energetic vibe thanks to an expansive fuschia mural wall created by Melbourne-based artist Ash Keating. The mural was created with 1,500 liters of pink paint in a range of shades sprayed from floor to ceiling using fire extinguishers for an impactful effect. The sexy and modern architecture is further enhanced by big round sofas on the sides for bigger dining parties; marble dining tables for a more intimate experience; and a generous bar area with glossy marble surfaces and cushiony stools for those looking for a nice cocktail experience. The pink scheme of Bikini even reaches the restrooms, with its hot pink walls and cheeky quotes on the mirrors. There’s also an indoor courtyard garden area that’s perfect for private functions as well.

With this picture perfect ambiance, uniquely innovative food, and punchy cocktails created by Head Mixologist Arey Barker, guests may as well feel as if they are attending a chic jet set dinner party every time.

Not for a second slowing down, the 8 Degree Projects group is moving forward with a few new outlets opening up in the next few months: a 20-seater Espresso bar with a rebellious attitude and full-on coffee offering accompanied by chef-driven sandwiches, and a new BO$$ MAN outlet in the lively Kuta area, which Jethro described as “bigger and better, think BO$$ MAN Seminyak on steroids!”




Jalan Kayu Cendana No.6

Seminyak, Bali 80361

T: +62 813 533 82346

Instagram: @ulookhotinbikini

Facebook: @ulookhotinbikini


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