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A CEREAL Kind of Goodness

NO STRANGER to the spotlight of Jakarta’s dessert and pastries scene, head pastry chef Charins Chang has come up with an exciting new addition to the Benedict Jakarta menu, and it is certainly something that everyone can delightfully relate to.    

We all love breakfast food, and the innovative chef brings some of the best elements of breakfast to the menu of Benedict Jakarta by creating the new Cereal Series. You heard that one right – it’s eat good, feel good time! “I personally love cereals, and I mean, who doesn’t love them? I’ve never done something like this at Benedict but I believe people will love the idea,” explained Chef Charins. Indeed, the Cereal Series has been a popular hit since it was introduced to the menu in mid-July.

The series consists of three items – a cake and two cold beverages – all with different types of cereals served in various ways. For a bit of sweet finish after a good meal, go for a slice of Cereal Pie, which will indulge you with soft-textured, cream cheese filling that is subtly sour and salty to complement its tempting sweetness and corn flakes crust, topped with froot loops and honey stars. As you can see in the picture, this Cereal Pie just deserves a place in your Instastory highlights.

The unique beverage called Capp & Cereal, Chef Charins puts together Benedict’s well-loved espresso and cereal milk at a generous ratio, creating a blend that’s very enjoyable for all, coffee enthusiasts or otherwise. On top of the cup you’ll see half a latte art, but with crushed froot loops topping the other half. Upon sipping, the crushed froot loops adds a textured sensation that gives a subtle cereal taste, exactly like enjoying coffee and cereal at breakfast, but in a cup and in a portion that’s just right.

The next beverage is a cold one that brings together marshmallow, corn flakes, vanilla ice cream, and froot loops. That’s almost all the necessary ingredients for a wonderful childhood all in one glass. Thanks to the chef’s meticulous attention to the portion of each component, this tall drink is sweet enough to indulge, but not overpowering for those with particularly less sweet inclinations. What really stands out visually, however, is the colorful stack of froot loops on top, seemingly selected by color individually to make up a delightful drink that’s also sweet on the eyes.

These new items are now displayed beautifully on the front centerpieces, which is the first thing guests will see upon walking into Benedict Grand Indonesia, alongside other uniquely creative creations of Chef Charins, such as the crustylicious Marie Regal Cake, Oreo-laden Cookie Monster, the classic Key Lime Pie, and the super popular Mango Sticky Rice Tart.

Outside of the time she spends perfecting the dessert and pastry selection at Benedict Jakarta Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place, Chef Charins Chang lets her endless creativity run wild baking cakes “with flavors full of imagination and intuition”, fully homemade, original, and all-natural. Check out her delightful creations at www.charins.com.



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