Dining by THE LAGOON

At Lagoon Café, the calmness of Mother Nature goes hand-in-hand with her palatable bounties.

LOOKING AT the many bustling metropolitan areas in Jakarta, one might wonder where to find a tranquil sanctuary where diners can enjoy great food while appreciating the allure of a lagoon surrounded by lush greenery. Lo and behold – Lagoon Café, located at The Sultan Hotel & Residences, one of the city’s longest-standing luxury hospitality properties, is ready to welcome you with open arms.    

Sink into a relaxing and tranquil ambience overlooking the scenic lagoon as you embark on an impeccable dining experience curated by seasoned Chef Eric Kusnadi, a 20-year industry veteran who has had the privilege of working with untold numbers of culinary experts from around the world.

“Ever since the beginning, I’ve had many opportunities to work with various cooking talents, from visiting celebrity chefs, more senior chefs, as well as guests chefs invited to the hotel. I’ve always cherished these opportunities as a way to expand my horizons and knowledge in exploring my passion for cooking,” stated Chef Eric Kusnadi.

Having joined the hotel (then known as Hilton) in 1992 as a humble kitchen helper, Chef Eric lets his passion for the culinary arts drive him forward as he learns about the property’s F&B aspects until he was finally entrusted to lead the kitchen team. Currently in charge of every F&B venues as well as the lounge, executive floors, and banquet, no one could possibly understand The Sultan Hotel & Residences’ culinary aspects better than Chef Eric.

At Lagoon Café, Chef Eric creates a wide variety of Asian and Western specialties with a unique Indonesian touch. The delightful daily rotating buffet includes assorted fresh salad and cheese (feel free to grate some yourself from the giant cheese wheel at the center), an Indonesian section with unbeatable classics such as Oxtail Soup, Fried Rice, and Bakso, an international section which has pasta, assorted meats, baked potato, and grilled salmon, among other things, as well as an Asian and dessert section.

Some of Lagoon Café’s signature à la carte selection includes Middle-East inspired Nasi Kebuli with premium lamb chops, herbs, and chili, traditional Indonesian Oxtail Soup with steamed rice and mixed vegetables, and spicy Grilled Chicken with condiments and authentic sambal for an extra hot experience.

Diners looking for a sensational breakfasting experience by The Sultan Hotel & Residences’ serene lagoon clearly visible through Lagoon Café’s large windows will be delighted to know that Chef Eric is adding Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern flavors this Ramadan fasting month as part of his dedication to continually delight his guests.

Chef Eric also shared some new features the hotel will be opening in the near future, and these involve plenty of new highlights related to the F&B department. “In mid-July we will be opening our new grand ballroom of 3,500 standing capacity and seven smaller function rooms, so in total we will have two ballrooms and 12 versatile function rooms. On 1 July, we will move to a new main kitchen, whereas the current central kitchen will be a satellite kitchen. This will surely bolster our F&B service capacity and increase the variety of our already vast selection of cuisines.”

Yet another exciting future opening is an entirely new outlet that will surely appeal to the hangout crowd by the masses. “The semi-outdoor space just adjacent to the lounge is currently being transformed into a hangout venue with a beer garden concept. It will be a lively place that stays classy thanks to its unique ambience. This new place is set to open in just a few more months,” Chef Eric added.  




Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta

T: +62 21 570 3600

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Written by Refa Koetin Photographs by Riman Saputra June 15, 2018.