La Crème de la Crème : Showcases The World’s Finest Pastry Chefs

A total of 11 internationally acclaimed pastry chefs showcased the quality and finesse of the French dairy cream and Valrhona chocolate at the Food & Hotel Asia, 2018

ELEVEN CRITICALLY acclaimed international chefs took part in La Crème de la Crème pastry event organized by the French Dairy Board (CNIEL) at the Asian Pastry Cup stage of Food&HotelAsia (FHA) recently. With the objective of promoting the goodness of the French dairy cream and Valrhona chocolate, the chefs created their interpretation of the theme “Cream and Chocolate” using the French dairy cream and Valrhona chocolate to enhance the taste and quality of their creations. The pastries were all photographed and compiled into a limited-edition recipe book which will be distributed to students and pastry chefs.  



The stunning edible masterpieces were created by:

  • Nicolas Bacheyre (France), pastry chef, Un Dimanche à Paris
  • Ken Thomas (Hong Kong), head pastry chef, EPURE and DALLOYAU
  • Farid Al Farouk (Indonesia), executive pastry chef, The Westin Jakarta
  • Jimmy Boulay (Japan), pastry chef, The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

  • Eunyoung Yun (Korea), pastry chef and owner, Pâtisserie by Garuharu
  • Fodil Baghal (Malaysia), pastry chef, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur
  • David Landriot (Singapore), pastry chef, Maison Kayser Singapore
  • Camille Cheng (Taiwan), pastry chef and owner, Escape From Paris, Taipei
  • Antoine Chassonnery (UAE), executive pastry chef, Fauchon Middle East
  • Vincent Cockenpot (UAE), executive pastry chef, Bateel, Dubai
  • Sebastien Zhong (China), pastry chef at Angliss Beijing Food Service, Beijing


Chefs had two days to create their masterpieces then presented their creations to an audience at the Asia Pastry Cup stage at the Food & Hotel Asia venue. After introducing their creations and speaking briefly about their inspirations, the audience was invited to sample the 11 creations.

In France, creams are subjected to an exceptionally high standard of quality. The term “cream” refers to a dairy product with a minimum fat content of 30%, approximately six percent of non-fatty ingredients (such as protein, lactose and trace minerals) and water. Exclusively derived from cow’s milk, the climate in France characteristics ensure that milk production is stable and consistent, a critical basis for creating quality cream quality. Dairy producers obtain fresh raw cream from areas that have not undergone any heat treatment to preserve its functional and organoleptic properties. To prolong shelf-life, it is mandatory that the raw cream goes through a UHT sterilisation process that does not have any impact on taste.

French cream is instantly recognizable by its texture and highly developed aromas, characterised by its roundness, smoothness and a bright, fresh taste. Due to its high standards, authenticity and quality, French cream carries strong values that reflect the professionalism of the top pastry chefs, who are assured of the expertise in producing safe and top-quality cream.

Cream and low-fat cream must undergo heat treatment (pasteurisation or sterilisation), except for raw cream. The label “fresh cream” is given when the cream has been pasteurised.


Kinds of Cream

  • Raw Cream: Direct product of skimming, chilled and stored at 6°C, not pasteurised or sterilised.
  • Pasteurised Fresh Single Cream: Pasteurised and not fermented, more fragile than sterilised milk, liquid and sweet.
  • Pasteurised Fresh Double Cream: Matured cream that is inoculated with lactic ferments after pasteurisation, thick and acidic with strong flavours.
  • Sterilized Liquid Cream: Raw cream that is sterilised at 115°C for 15-20 minutes and cooled after packaging. Sterilisation does not allow fermentation, so the cream remains liquid.
  • UHT Cream:Raw cream that is sterilised at 145-150°C for two seconds, then rapidly cooled to preserve nutritional and functional properties.
  • Low-fat Cream: Obtained by regulating cream separator to 12-30% fat content. Can be liquid or thick (if fermented and cultured, or pasteurized)


Written by FoodieS June 12, 2018.