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AFTER A 4-MONTH hiatus, the much-anticipated Grand Café at Grand Hyatt Jakarta has finally reopened as an all-day Indonesian dining restaurant that offers a fresh made-to-order buffet emphasizing on local flavors and home-style dining. This signature Grand Hyatt Jakarta restaurant got a major facelift designed by renowned hospitality interior design consultant, Hirsch Bedner Associates and it was reopened this May to the delight of the hotel’s clientele and discerning foodies in and around Jakarta.    



No one is more excited about the renovation than Executive Sous Chef Timothy Budiantoro, who has been in the industry for decades and with Grand Hyatt Jakarta for the last four years. “Grand Café has been around for 28 years. I’m not going to say it’s a long time coming, because honestly we have always been very popular both publicly and among its own awesome crowd, but the renovation really opens up a lot of new possibilities. The fact that we are now focusing more on Indonesian cooking with our twists makes it very exciting for myself and our guests as well,” the chef explained.  

Located on the lobby level, Grand Café now offers a completely homey and comfortable dining experience, with an interior and architecture designed to evoke the feeling of a classic Indonesian home. The different dining areas are laden with Indonesian décor and paraphernalia that takes diners on a journey across the archipelago. The dominant earthy and natural wooden tones evident in the patterned marble flooring and wooden lattice separating the dining areas, the new Grand Café brought in a medley of bronze artworks, vases and wood carvings from different parts of Indonesia. Dutch colonial architecture is also the highlight as Grand Café displays wooden beams and hues of colourful Indonesian traditional fabrics, a highly coveted trade item back in the days of yore.

Explaining how he feels about the new Grand Café, chef Budi remarked, “It just feels very much like a comfortable home. All of us are most comfortable at home surrounded by things we own, things that are dear to us, and of course, eating good food familiar to us. We have different dining areas styled in the way of a living room, veranda, balcony, library, kitchen, and lounge, each offering its own charm. In addition, we have two business-themed private dining rooms that can accommodate up to ten people each, and up to 20 when conjoined, perfect for an intimate company gathering or private social events.”

The restaurant’s light and warm home-like ambience aptly makes for the perfect background to enjoy a plethora of made-to-order Indonesian dishes curated by Chef Budi. “I grew up in Sleman, and naturally, my mother’s Javanese cooking is very dear to me. Despite attending culinary studies in the US, and working in Bahrain, and previously at Grand Hyatt Dubai, I always come back to my roots and find there what satisfies my palate the most. That’s what I’m looking to bring to the new Grand Café.”

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes include Sop Buntut, a warm dish, rich in herbs and spices where the main star is currently imported beef cooked in a very Indonesian-style broth. Another must-try is Sate Meranggi that comes with a special signature sauce that was one of the favourites at the old Grand Café.

There’s also the Iga Bakar, a heavily spiced beef rib dish grilled to tender perfection and served with Sambal Terasi. A dish that will surely delight meat lovers and Indonesian food enthusiasts everywhere.

As for dessert, the chef recommends one of the eight different flavors of Swiss rolls or Dadar Gulung, a snack and dessert that provides the perfect closure to any Indonesian dining experience. Some of the most popular flavors include cendol, pandan, local coffee, and cocoa.

Grand Café strives to bring exceptional Indonesian food by working closely with a number of local farmers and fisherman to ensure only the best and freshest possible ingredients are used. “We visit our suppliers and interact with them a lot to make sure our customers get nothing but the best. I’m very proud, for example, of our fresh prawns and lobster that comes from Lombok and Aceh respectively. Lastly, let me just stress that we do not use any flavour enhancers or MSG whatsoever in our cooking here at Grand Café.”  

“The fact that we are now focusing more on Indonesian cooking with our twists makes it very exciting for myself and our guests as well.”



Grand Hyatt Jakarta

Jalan M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, Jakarta

T: +62 21 29921234

Instagram: @grandhyattjakarta


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