Cocktail Meets Dessert

Cocktail MeetsDessert

Introducing Up In Smoke’s latest cocktail and dessert pairing menu, crafted to “confuse” guests with goodness never before tasted.

ENTERING Up In Smoke for the first time, your attention is immediately drawn to the massive grilling pit occupying the center of the room, clearly showcasing stacks of rambutan firewood and stacks of red meat ready for grilling in its fully custom-made wood-fire grill and smokers that gave Up In Smoke its popular namesake.          

In addition to being one of the best barbecue spots in Jakarta that lays out dining as a social affair, Up In Smoke also has a spacious and comfortable bar area to make visitors more at home and socially engaged while enjoying original cocktails. Drawing from the same philosophy of quality ingredients and proper preparation techniques, Up In Smoke recently launched a new selection of grilled and smoked cocktail and desserts pairing menu.

With a focus on pairing the drinks to the dessert menu, award-winning bartender Julian Decraene utilized his extensive knowledge of cocktail history in creating a menu inspired by the classics but with his own fresh twists to delight those seeking constantly searching for new flavors.

Regarding the new cocktail and desserts, Julian explained, “The inspiration behind it was to actually design a menu that’s different from the market and that could pair with the product we have. We have a very small dessert menu and I wanted something that works with the menu and at the same time as works something you can have after dinner.”

The three new cocktails are Honey Bee, made to pair with Smoked Honeycomb dessert, Chocolate Manhattan served with homemade salted chocolate, and Bourbon Espresso Martini served with Chocolate Caramel Raspberry.

“You get two different flavor profile when pairing the Honey Bee – you can enjoy the sour, gingery flavor of the classic penicillin cocktail inspired drink, or if you take a bit of the honeycomb first, you get an enhanced smokiness and sweetness flavors which reacts interestingly with the ginger and whisky.”


As for the Chocolate Manhattan made with a base of sweet vermouth, homemade chocolate liquor, smoked bourbon, and cherry Heering, dessert pairing is done with a homemade chocolate made personally by Julian especially for the cocktail. In addition to quality cocoa, Julian added some salt and grated coconut to get just the right flavor of chocolate to complement the drink.


“Inspiration for the Bourbon Espresso Martini is the long black. It is quite bitter, long, and not sweet like most espresso martinis out there. The reason for this is because I want the sweetness to come from the dessert paired with it – Chocolate Caramel Raspbery jelly with grated coconut and dried strawberry flakes.”



In formulating his drinks, Julian aim to please all, and he employs a thorough R&D process to achieve this. “I balance all the cocktails to please any crowd. We make sure this is achieved by having our multinational team offer their take on the cocktails. I’m French, my bartender is Indonesian, we have someone from Trinidad and Tobago, and then another Chinese-Indonesian, and also there’s my wife to make sure the drinks are pleasing to the ladies as well. When all of us try the cocktails, we give different feedbacks and then I adjust the drink further. Ultimately, the final product is something that transcends nations and acceptable for any palate,” Julian explained regarding his cocktail creation process.


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Written by FoodieS June 5, 2018.