Discover CAAYA

Caaya, AQUA’s new flavored tea product, and Namaaz Dining, explore local Indonesian flavors in the most unique way.

The trend of locally-inspired goods is reaching new level of hype and Danone AQUA joins the wave with their new flavored tea drink called Caaya. Caaya means tea in Sanskrit. They offer three signature flavors, each one with a unique name: revive me Jasmine, soothe me Vanilla Pandan and power me Toasted Rice.

The main point of using locally sourced goods is to give more value to ingredients whichare actually within our reach but usually less appreciated. Based on the similar vision, Caaya joined forces with Namaaz Dining to create a unique and playful dining experience which shows people how familiar Indonesian dish can uplifted to new levelswith out of the box presentations.

On that night, Chef Andrian Ishak from Namaaz Dining prepare a 17-course meal. All of the dishes were a combination of all his creations from the past years and some of them were being modified specially using Caaya as the ingredient.

The dinner started with a few snacks, one of them called churros, which actually really looked like Mexican or Spanish churros in appearance but was actually totally different– it was a dish called cireng, a very simple Indonesian type of snack. Also, there was this dish called Udang di Balik Batu which is looks like a pebble, but actually created from fish with sambal roa, a signature dish from Manado.

The snacks and starters were only the tip of the iceberg. Everyone could feel how Chef Andrian gave his 100% that night because each dish presented on the table was interesting, either in a jaw dropping way or a tilting head in curiosity way. One of my favorite dishes was the Kambing Guling which was presented like a black charcoal.

Chef Andrian used Caaya for his Teh Talua, an authentic beverage from Padang. It was supposed to be a concoction of tea and egg, but he deconstructed it by using meringue on a straw where you used it to slurp Caaya Vanilla Pandan. It had a progression of flavor experiences from the sweetness when the meringue was quickly melted by the tea.

The other dish that he created using Caaya was Es Teh Panas, it was a tricky dish that messed up your taste buds because half of the Caaya Jasmine was hot and the other half was cold in the same cup. While the other Caaya Toasted Rice was being served as it is because Andrian said it is his favourite flavor. I must agree with him, because it is also my favorite of the three.

The meal was an amazing experience as a whole, a great collaboration between Caaya and Chef Andrian Ishak of Namaaz Dining.




Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard May 19, 2018.