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Have a Suckling Pig Christmas!

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A lechon on the table always made Christmas complete when I was growing up. It is still one of my greatest joys to eat this roasted suckling pick delicacy. Now lechon is available in Jakarta at La Posta–Taste of Argentina restaurant.

When we discovered that La Posta had a suckling pig special I became very excited. Little did we know that owners Francisco “Pancho” Mario Suarez and Katrina Huntley de Suarez were thrilled too.

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“We were super excited about getting you guys over to try Pancho’s suckling pig special, it has become one of our most popular orders at La Posta. We wanted you to see (and taste) why its such a hit!” Katrina replied when we reached out to her.

Like in The Philippines, the suckling pig is especially eaten in Argentina during the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. “The suckling pig is always eaten whole, and the larger pigs are used for hams, sausages and other pieces.”

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“The most important thing when cooking the suckling pig is that it is cooked slowly–very, very slowly–allowing a lot of the fat to drip away,” says Katrina.

As they slowly cook the suckling pig, they baste it with chimichurri sauce. “Pancho’s chimichurri is a mix of herbs, olive oil and vinegar. We serve the suckling pig with tamales (a corn dumpling with a beef and vegetable filling, wrapped and cooked in a corn husk), roast potatoes and fresh Argentine-style salad with lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, boiled eggs and green peas.”

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“Traditionally, the suckling pig can be accompanied with sweet or savory sauces. We serve it at La Posta cooked in Chimichurri sauce, but in Argentina you will also find apple or plum sauces served with the lechon.”

As Katrina knows that I love my pork, she goes on to describe a traditional Argentine barbecue fiesta, filled with pork dishes laid out during special occasions. “In Argentina, Spanish sausages (chorizo) and black pudding, both made from pork, are always present, as well as pork ribs and matambre, a piece of meat that covers the ribs. There are also a lot of dishes that have been brought over from Spain that include pork, like stews and oven bakes. We made Locro, a rich, hearty Argentine stew that has a lot of pork cuts including pork skin, pork ribs and pancetta.”

In La Posta the focus is definitely on the beef, however, they have a few very popular dishes such as the Spanish Chorizo sausage and the Serrano ham platter. Another typical Argentine dish they have is the Milanese with the cheese, tomato and cooked ham topping. “Milanesa” (meat in breadcrumbs) is a staple in Argentina and it had to be on the menu at La Posta.

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The restaurant is really about warm welcomes and homemade food. Chef Pancho puts a lot of love and attention into his creations, they’re not fancy, the portions are big and the flavors are simple but intense. The restaurant is themed around the Argentine Gaucho and the food and culture from the North of Argentina. The music is typical North Argentine folk music, with traditional guitars and “bombos” the Argentine drum.

“We’ve really built up a following on social media and post regular videos on our website to keep the Argentine food lovers close to what’s happening in La Posta, we have loved connecting with people through the restaurant, especially those who are on a journey just like us. We have met so many other Spanish speakers which has been great for Pancho because he doesn’t speak English!” Katrina says.

She continues: “Our signature dishes are definitely the ones that deliver the ‘wow’ factor, the suckling pig special, the beef ribs and the rib eye steak, but we also have some others that surprise our diners. Pancho’s homemade pasta is very popular, as well as the Argentine empanadas and the unique Argentine desserts we have. There are so many great things to try!”

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Seeing and tasting La Posta’s lechon has been a personal treat and has definitely put me in the mood for the holidays.  If you are like me, a huge pork lover, this should definitely be your next restaurant destination, but remember that you must order a few days in advance.

For those celebrating Christmas, whether you are Filipino, Spanish or from any of the other Latin countries, you have been appraised of where to go.

In their Christmas menu, La Posta is offering the Suckling Pig Spread for 10 which include include slow roasted suckling pig; over-baked vegetables in olive oil;creamy roasted potatoes with toasted parmesan cheese; Russian salad with carrots, green peas, potato and mayonnaise; cherry tomato salad with rocket; goat cheese and walnut; forest fruit berry and chimichuri sauce; bitesize Argentine empanadas; Argentine cornflour biscuits Alfajores and three bottles of Argentine wine and soft drinks.

Happy eating!

Jalan Karet Pasar Baru Timur 5
No. 25, Jakarta
T: +62 812 85872935
+62 812 85872935
Facebook: laposta.id

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