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Nabila Yoestino’s Modern Christmas Pastries


What would be your ideal Christmas cake or cookie? For Nabila Yoestino, head pastry chef at the soon-to-be-opened MOTHER MONSTER, your dessert should be simple–but so buttery/crunchy that you want to eat the whole batch before Christmas is over.

Nabila admitted that although she liked to bake, she never imagined herself as a pastry chef. Proclaiming herself as the type of person who loved to learn on the spot, she skipped university and went straight to work after high school.


Her first stop was the advertisement industry, because everyone in her family was working in the field. Nabila soon found out that the rock-and-roll lifestyle of advertising didn’t match her. She decided to give school a second thought.

A love of baking landed her a place at the STP Trisakti tourism polytechnic in Jakarta. After a year of training, Nabila moved to Bali and began her career as pastry chef. She honed her skill in KU DE TA Bali and The Ritz-Carlton, Bali before moving back to Jakarta.

She has recently joined MOTHER MONSTER, a New American cuisine restaurant and lifestyle concept collaboration by Chef Gloria Susindra with the people from the Biko Group and Common Grounds.


As a pastry chef, Nabila says Christmas is the time she’s always waiting for, not the least because it is an excuse to feast on delicious food and to down festive drinks. She recalls spending days and nights during Christmases Past preparing amenities and cookies.

“All of these need to be ready by Christmas morning, but seeing all the happy faces when they received these cookies, I felt their joy and my tiredness was nothing compared to that.”

Nabila described her culinary style as classic/modern, putting substance over style–but that doesn’t mean that she shies away from trends and innovation.


For FoodieS this Christmas, Nabila took inspiration from drawings, Christmas traditions and local ingredients. The result were perfect cookies and cakes that soaked up all the spirit of the holiday.

The first dish she shared with us was a marsmallow chocolate pop. This retro-style cake mixed modernity and tradition, a convergence of patisserie and Instagram-hype. She made a Christmas-tree shaped chocolate topped with traditional marsmallows and a hint of lime zest.

She also made a tribute to the classic chocolate pie, creating a mini-chocolate pie topped with swirls of mashed sweet potato. It had crunchy crumbs in the bottom and sweet chocolate in the middle that blended perfectly with the sweet potato.


Another creation she shared with us was the Ginger Whoopie pie, a sandwich of ginger ladyfingers filled with mascarpone cream and blueberries.

Finally, no Christmas would be complete without a Yule log. In a nod to traditional versions, this treat has a dark chocolate ganache covering a roulade with intensely rich chocolate flavor and is composed of thin layers of alternating sponge cake, a light butter cream filling and caramelized banana.

Yup. Definitely won’t last the day.

Plaza Indonesia, Level One
Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30, Jakarta
T: +21 29921939
Instagram: @listentoyourmonster

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