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Sublime Creations: Eun Jeong Lee


French baking, for pastry instructor Eun Jeong Lee, has been a relentless source of inspiration because of its blend of technique and tradition.

The talented baker, who is more popularly known as EJ Lee is actually a latecomer in the art of baking. Taking a sudden turn on at the age of 20, she quit her studies and went against her parents’ will by choosing a life in the kitchen.

Her journey as a baker started when she came to Montreal for a student exchange program. She was strolling around the city when her caught a sweet aroma of pecan pie from a bakery shop. The pecan pie become her love-at-first sight and sparked her desire to take up baking.

She took her first pastry course in London and then immediately she worked at Ottolenghi bakery for several years to refine her skill. She then decided to return to South Korea, wanting to focus on sharing her knowledge of French style pastry. EJ Baking Studio was then born.

“My greatest pleasure is when I see how my students eyes light up during the class,” said EJ, who prefers to be called a teacher instead of a chef.

To inspire many people, EJ always pushes herself to create something different. She focuses on her sense to capture the environment around her into dessert: the color of a building, the shape of a children’s playground or even the exhibits she saw in museum.

Probably going against the stream, EJ prefers not to look inspiration through Instagram. “I think personal experience is better than just copying idea based on the good look of pastry.”

EJ Lee also considers peace of mind as an important part in the creative process. She loves doing yoga every morning, saying that it gives her many ideas for pastry creation.

From many of her creations, her favorite is still the classic mille-feuille which currently is the best-selling item at her bakery café. “Mille-feuille is very difficult to make and it took me a long time and many wasted butter before I start to get the hang of it”, she said with a laugh.

Personally, her favorite ingredients are local Korean chestnut and seasonal fruits. Besides those, she also loves using Elle et Vire® products. One of her key to create her Mille Feuille is using Elle et Vire® Gourmet Butter. “It creates great flavor with the prefect crunchy texture which never fail me.”

Also a favorite is the Elle et Vire® Sublime, Cream with Mascarpone. “It is the best cream with mascarpone ever. It has natural white color, balanced flavor, and most importantly it can hold shape better than any other cream”.

She uses Sublime for her Mont-Blanc, a sweet chestnut creation. Mont-Blanc is a mainstay at EJ Bakery Café, but its filling changes with the seasons and best available produce.


Eun Jeong Lee
EJ Lee is a skillful pastry expert who is now the head of the EJ Baking Studio & Bakery Café where she teaches the finest secrets of French baking.

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