BEAU’s Christmas Campaign 2017

BEAU releases three new flavors of Bûche de Noël for Christmas 2017. Taking flavor inspirations from three different countries; Germany, Japan and America, pastry chef Talita Setyadi showcases how holiday flavors are celebrated in different continents.


From Europe, Forêt Noire (Black Forest) Bûche de Noël is decadent and rich, the quintessential European Christmas cake. It is comprised of chocolate sponge, bittersweet dark chocolate crémeux, dark chocolate cheesecake mousse and black cherries.

Hailing from Japan, Matcha Adzuki Bûche de Noël is the much-loved combination of pure Japanese Matcha powder with red bean. The fluffy Matcha sponge is complimented with sweet red bean paste and silky cream cheese mousse.


A popular comfort-food of The USA, Milk & Cookies Bûche de Noël combines soft coconut sugar sponge with a layer of cookie dough and creamy milk mousse. Perfect to leave out for Santa Claus as he comes down the chimney.

Along with these fine Christmas log cakes, BEAU offers a selection of European bakery classics Kugelhopf, Stollen and Panettone. Mini traditional fruitcakes and Amaretto, Hazelnut & Orange cakes will also be available daily at our outlets from the start of December.


BEAU also presents their Christmas Gift Set, comprising of a fine curation of Christmas cookies, gourmet spreads and granola encased in a pinewood slide top box. Additionally in the package, you will find BEAU x Manakala collaborative ceramic cookie jar and butter keeper, completing your Christmas gifting experience.

BEAU by Talita Setyadi
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Written by FoodieS November 30, 2017.