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Joy On a Plate, From the Pastry Princess

cover story - Kimmy from NOMZ-16
If you get the opportunity to be beside Kimmy Pangestu, chef and owner of Nomz Kitchen and Pastry, please do. She loves to pamper people with food.

If the recent Jakarta weather brings the gloomy in you, maybe head over to Nomz and indulge yourself with comfort desserts to bring back the sunny mood.

cover story - Kimmy from NOMZ-3
My Vitamin C: milk chocolate chantilly, orange liquid, caramel cardamom, chocolate sponge, chocolate sable, orange chocolate spray.

There, if you happen to meet with Kimmy, you might have a hard time finding your plate empty.

“It is a pleasure for me to feed people, especially dessert. I really can spoil people with my dessert”, said Kimmy with sparkle in her eyes.

The seed of sharing food food was first planted from watching her mother cook in the kitchen. She was really amazed on how cooking works, especially when her mom bakes.

“How come from scaling and mixing flour, eggs and sugar, and then put the mix in the oven, you can have something completely in different shape. It was like magic for me”, said Kimmy. The magic would went on as her family gather together on the table, enjoying her mother’s creation with happiness.

cover story - Kimmy from NOMZ-7
Pear Me Up: light cheese mousse, pear chocolate panna cotta with waferino bits, vanilla chiffon, chocolate soil, green chocolate.

She didn’t realize it, but the love of food continues growing in her. She kept burning interest in in cooking and spent her spare time visiting many different restaurant and pastry places. When she become aware that her cooking and food books worth more than her academic books, she chose to drop out and change course towards Le Cordon Bleu Sydney in Australia.

She worked hard to convince her family of the path she chose, leading her to work at Peter Doyle’s, Tetsuya’s, Adriano Zumbo’s Patisseries, and also becoming assistant of Kristen Tibbals in Melbourne. She gained a lot of inspiration, and the most important thing, confidence, from all the big names, which led her to makes her who she is and Nomz Kitchen & Pastry today.

Now, her goal is to improve; she wants to be more creative and innovative. “I want to learn the new pastry skill or technique that become trend out there”, said Kimmy.

cover story - Kimmy from NOMZ-5
The Apple of My Eye: white chocolate mousse, granny smith apple and cinnamon compote, speculoos crunch base, dark chocolate brownie and red shiny glaze.

She also wants to bring a new model of pastry not familiar in Indonesia yet. “I hope the pastry world in Indonesia keeps improving and someday maybe I can be the one who created new trend rather than following it”.

As we talked, Kimmy showed some of her new creations: a line-up of beautiful fruit-shaped pastries called The Apple of My Eye, Pear Me Up and My Vitamin C and also Chocolate Irish Crème Verrine and R-velvet Rocher.

If I was pushed to pick, my favorite would My Vitamin C which took the shape of ripe tangerine. There is a lot of going on this pastry, it is not only focusing on the flavor balance but the texture also fun. It comes with milk chocolate chantilly with orange liquid in the center, then caramel cardamom, chocolate sponge and chocolate sable that completed the combination, finished withy orange chocolate spray. This took me to a relaxed moment amids the lush surroundings in Ubud, Bali.

All of these pastries are the reflection of Kimmy’s character, a maximum attention on details and how she always put crunchy texture on her creation. She can get any ideas from anywhere, but mostly her creation came from her endless experiment in the kitchen, she said.

cover story - Kimmy from NOMZ-9
One time, she need to squeeze her brain out to cover-up a mistake by her team who were supposed to make chocolate rum pastry but accidentally poured coffee instead rum during the process. She tried to save the cream filling by creating a surprise dish and came up with Kahlua pastry. It turned out to be a crowdpleaser and people keep asking for more. They ended having to squeeze their brain one more time to remember the accidental recipe.

“Until now, my dessert concept is focusing on how make people happy”, said Kimmy. A concept that actually never change since the time her heart flutter watching her mom cook.

Grand Indonesia East Mall Ground Floor
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.1
T: +6221-23581211
Instagram: @nomzjakarta

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