ARTOTEL Sanur — Embracing the Sea


ARTOTEL Sanur, Bali  is an enchanted, stylish Balinese tropical paradise, which embraces the sea.

Bali is blessed with the abundant waters of the glorious Indian Ocean. The island is surrounded by a dramatic and varying coastline, providing the ideal settings for ocean fish farming.

The heritage of fishing running through Bali is so strong that its fishermen are some of the most experienced there are. It leads to them holding a great respect for both the sea and the fish, thus ensuring that it comes to market in the best possible condition.

Head to one of Bali’s many sea side seafood restaurants and see it prepared right in front of you, or visit your local fishmonger – chat to them about what’s good, what’s in season and what you can do with it at home. More often than not you’ll find it’s better for you, quicker to prepare and kinder on your wallet, too.


Consuming over one-fifth of the world’s oceans, the colossal Indian Ocean plays home to endless variety of fresh seafood – and a peppering of islands, each boasting vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and a love for fresh, fiery cuisine. ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, a boutique hotel in Sanur perched on the southern coastal side of Bali, brings together the culinary diversity and punchy flavors of both western and Asian fares at ROCA its 24 Hours signature restaurant, quite possible the only one of its kind around Sanur area. Showcasing an unforgettable mix of authentic and artisanal offerings, ROCA captures the heart and soul of the island’s love of food, entwined with a mastery of spice and seasoning.

Sanur area where the artistically designed ARTOTEL Sanur –Bali located has been long associated with a serene and relaxed atmosphere. This village on the southeastern coast strikes a nice balance between local life and the mostly European tourists — a calm and relaxed alternative, in comparison to Seminyak or Kuta. A popular spot for mature visitors, Sanur does have a certain laid back charm. Expect clear waters and golden sand instead of white powder. The shore (at least midway on Sanur Beach) is peppered with rocks and broken shells but the traditional boats that line the beach, especially at sunset, make for a gorgeous setting.

Often referred to as jewels scattered across deep blue waters, Bali has always been regarded as some of the most picturesque places on earth. ROCA is a culinary celebration of this, bringing the bounty of the Indian Ocean and the unique food developed by local island cultures, where aromatic dishes are prepared using only the freshest of local ingredients as well as the ‘comfort food’ more familiar to westerners’ palate. The local menu is inspired by resourceful street traders, and authentic family recipes which have been passed down through generations of island dwellers, bringing together genuine dishes from the isles across the archipelago.

Creative, casual, and bright setting during the day and warm chilled-lounge in the evening, ROCA’s setting includes communal tables, lounge chairs, and is open 24 hours for breakfast, supper and anything in between. ROCA offers local, Asian, and international foods and includes a brunch menu and specially brewed coffees by Filosofi Kopi.

ROCA’s Signature Jumbo Fish and Chip


150 gr         Dory Fillet / Mahi Mahi
100 gr         100 French Fries
1                   Egg -whisk
20 gr            Bread Crumb
10 gr            All Purpose Flour

Tartar Sauce
1                   Boiled Egg
25 gr            Mayonnaise
5 gr              Capers
5 gr              Gherkin


  • Clean and pat dry dory / mahi mahi fish fillet.
  • Season fish with salt and pepper, dust with flour, dip in egg-wash and roll in bread crumbs
  • Deep fried until golden brown
  • Served crispy fish with French fries, salad and tartar sauce

Tartar Sauce

  • Boiled egg, and chop the egg white
  • Mix with mayonnaise, capers and gherkins


Jl. Kusuma Sari No.1
Sanur, Bali
T: +62361 4721 000
Photos by: ARTOTEL

Written by FoodieS November 28, 2017.