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Jakarta Culinary Feastival: Back With a BANG!

Jakarta Culinary Feastival (JCF) by Ismaya is back. This special event for foodies mixed legendary Jakarta street food stalls, coffee shops, desserts and modern cuisines standing together to satisfy the city’s food cravings.

After a long hiatus, JCF by Ismaya was back from Nov. 16 to 19. Together with Go-Jek, JCF not only featured many famous food vendors but also invited inspiring culinary stars to share their knowledge and food for more than 40 special events.

Visiting chefs include Manjunath Mural who is the first Indian chef to score a Michelin star for Song of India restaurant in Singapore, Ryan Clift from Tipping Club in Singapore and Grow in Bali, who garnered numerous awards for progressive and avant-garde cuisine, local pride Chris Salans of Mozaic and Spice by Chris Salans, whose face is seen a lot on local TV lately, Eelke Plasmeijer from Locavore in Ubud, as the only Indonesian restaurant included in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. And Chele Gonzalez of Gallery VASK in Manila, whose modern cuisine centers on endemic Philippine ingredients and is No. 35 on the 2017 Asia’s 50 Best list.

The four-day event was spread over two big tents, aptly called Spoon and Fork. One of the highlights of the Spoon tent was the Go-Food area, filled with some of their most popular merchants, with the likes of Nasi Goreng Kebun Sirih, Martabak Orins, Seblak Edun, Sate Padang Ajo Ramon, Eatlah and many more. The aroma created by these booths caused a steady stream of festival visitors to queue up.

Inside the Spoon tent was the restaurant area with an even livelier atmosphere. Many famous chefs have their own stalls, like Spice by Chris Salans, Tippling Club Singapore and Grow Bali by Ryan Clift, Sevenfriday by Fernando Sindu, and also the Singapore Marquee, which was curated by Food Cult, which showcased the Song of India, Gattopardo, Esquina and the 1925 Brewing Co. Eager for guest attention, each tenant got themselves into good ol’ style marketing through shouting with lots of laughs and funny tricks. The guys of Tipping Club and Grow Bali had free hugs on their menu!

The most exciting part of Spoon tent is the special events Chef-to-Table. Snuggled on a corner, right beside the cooking stage, there was a long table set where people could register for a culinary experience created by professional chefs. One of the best Chef-to-Table moment was when Chele Gonzales of Gallery VASK and Kimmy Pangestu from Nomz joined forces to create a dinner of Philippine and Indonesian flavors.

The bigger Fork tent had a different attraction. The sweet aroma from the different dessert stalls had everyone enralled. Stalls selling their signature desserts: eclairs from Beau, cheese cake heaven from Dore by Letao, artisan doughnut by Dough Darlings, and also addictive cocoa liquid drinks by Pipiltin Cocoa. To wash down the no-regret-calorie-and-sugar-intake, patrons could have a cup of their favorite caffeine concoctions at the coffee area, with a number of famous cafes in attendance.

In addition to the food, JCF also offered a knowledge experience through cooking classes and master’s classes, making sure that not only the tummies were full.

This year’s JCF revival was a welcome food event for the Jakarta market. We eagerly await next year’s iteration!

Photos by: Yosua Yanuard and Ismaya.

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