Sublime Creations: Eunjung Cho

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For Seoul-based Pastry Chef Eunjung Cho, being able to make dessert dishes and share knowledge are the best things about being a chef.

Eunjung Cho does not come from a family of cooks, but her mom who loves to paint and cook inspired her to make food. Her mom would bake bread and cookies while little Eunjung watching behind her back.

Her favorite memory of food is helping her mom in the kitchen while making her favorite oatmeal cookies. “It is a very simple pastry, but still that was my childhood memory”, said Eunjung Cho. She has tried to make the cookies and recall the memory using his mom recipe, but sadly it never tasted the same. “Maybe because the recipe only mentioned the ingredients with no exact measurement,” she said. So, she leave it as a special childhood memory.

After six years working as pastry chef in Korea, France and the U.S., working in hotels and restaurants, and also as a dessert shop consultant, she decided to return to to Seoul and opened her cooking class called Honeybee Cakes which has been around for four years.

She prefers to share all her experience through her cooking class and preparing her dream to have her very own shop in the future. That is because the best thing about being a chef for her is when she shares her own creation with others. “I am happy to see people enjoying my desserts”.

Her inspiration can come from anywhere. “These days there are many good chefs and thanks to Instagram we can easily follow them,” she said, mentioning Cedrid Grolet, Pastry Chef at Le Meurice, as one of her favorite chef on Instagram. But, most of the time, she prefers to find ideas not from cooking industry; for the example, from fashion magazine to see color and shape for inspiration, as part  her attempt to create creative idea that she got from other part of industry.

Eunjung loves working with the best ingredients. One of the most popular dish in her class is named Four Seasons for which she picks best ingredients of each season and created four different pastry. For example, using mugwort to represent spring theme and pina colada pastry for summer. “You cannot use cheap or bad product and still expect good result.”

This is why she always make sure to use Elle et Vire® products in all her creations, like the essential Gourmet Butter and her new favorite Sublime Cream with Mascarpone. “I think it has more flavor compared to other butter and cream. It is light and full of flavor,” Eunjung explained.

One of the dishes she created with Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone was Raspberry-lemon Cheese Tart. A beautiful looking tart with soft colored mousselines on top, and inside is a perfect cheese tart that you will never get enough of it. Her other favorites creation is her modern creation of the classic Opera Cake and the gorgeous red colored dulcey-berry petit gateux with rose petals.


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Eunjung is a talented chef and owner of Honey Bee Cakes, a baking academy that specialized in pastry making located in the famous Gangnam area of Seoul, South Korea.

Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard November 23, 2017.