Bakmi Jhon Melawai, for Your Noodle Needs

Bakmi Jhon-2

The Melawai neighborhood that gives Blok M its name is a major hub for street food favorites. We visited one of its gems: Bakmi Jhon.

It’s no secret that bakmi, or noodles, is a favorite comfort food of Indonesians. Most people in the nation have noodles several times a month, if not several times a week.

One thing is clear: the people at Bakmi Jhon know their noodles. But be forewarned: This is real street food. The bakmi is ordered from a cart and seating is on plastic chairs in a parking lot. Pro tip: Drive to Bakmi Jhon, park and order noodles delivered to your car.

Bakmi Jhon-3

We, however, arrived on foot to find the stall swarmed with diners, so we ordered and waited for our food. Looking around, there was no good place to sit, as Bakmi Jhon was in the middle of its lunch rush.

The wait wasn’t long to find a place to sit. People come, order, eat and go. Following those who arrived previously, we immediately grabbed seats when patrons left. The space is not too big. There are only a few plastic chairs and tables. On the table, there’s chili and sauce jars. People set their drinks on the table, which leaves no space for your bowl of noodle on the table.

Bakmi Jhon-8

We ordered Yamin Ayam Jamur Baso. Yamin is a bakmi with no soup and which is instead doused with kecap manis sweet soy sauce. It’s darker and sweeter than the regular mie ayam. I added some chili, but take note: Bakmi Jhon’s chili is very, very spicy.

Our real mission was to try the noodles, which are thick here and perfect for a yamin. The mushroom and chicken served with the dish are there as sideshows; as is as the fried wonton that’s included.

Bakmi Jhon-5

Bakmi Jhon also offers jumbo portions if a regular size is not enough. The price for Mie Ayam Jamur is Rp 15,000 and for the jumbo size it’s Rp 30,000.

The place opens at 7:30 am and close at 4 pm or when stocks are depleted. I would suggest you come outside lunchtime, if you don’t like waiting.

Jalan Sampit, Melawai, Blok M, Jakarta
OPENING HOURS: Daily, 7.30am – 4pm
SPEND: IDR 20,000 – IDR 35,000 / person

Written by Lion Haloho Photographs by Yosua Yanuard November 23, 2017.