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Jasmine, Lychee and Vanilla Entremet by Talita Setyadi


Hailing from all over the world, 10 of the finest pastry chefs gathered earlier this year in Singapore to showcase some of the finest use of European cream with their dessert and pastry creations.

The chefs worked on the theme ‘Blanc de Blanc’, or ‘White of Whites’, making each a dessert with one shade of white and one texture of cream.

Their recipes are published in a beautifully illustrated recipe book to be used as a training tool for students at annual workshops.


Pastry Chef Talita Setyadi created Jasmine, Lychee and Vanilla Entremet for the theme. Talita is passionate about pastries. She started her career at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She then joined the Fouquet’s, and founded BEAU in 2015, a bakery situated at the prestigious Plaza Indonesia in Jakarta. She was also on the jury of Junior Master Chef Indonesia.


Almond crisp
400 g Flour
400 g Crumbled almonds
100 g White sugar
250 g Butter
8 g Salt

Sponge cake
190 g Egg yolks
470 g Whole eggs
30 g Honey
520 g Sugar
280 g Egg whites
260 g Flour
2 g Salt

Jasmine cremeux
414 g Cream
165 g Egg yolks
83 g Sugar
10 g Jasmine buds
15 g Gelatine powder
495 g White chocolate
50 g Jasmine syrup

Lychee coulis
211 g White sugar
783 g Lychee purée
31 g Gelatin
10 g Pectin NH

Vanilla and jasmine mousse
1274 g Milk
4 g Vanilla pod
30 g Jasmine buds
435 g Egg yolks
347 g Sugar
31 g Gelatine powder
154 g Water
1274 g Cream

Chantilly cream
100 g Cream
20 g Icing sugar

White chocolate icing
9 g Gelatine
300 g Cream
300 g White chocolate
60 g Water
40 g Rapeseed oil

White chocolate spray
100 g Cocoa butter
50 g White chocolate
Lychee icing
75 g Neutral glaze
30 g Litchi purée

Almond crumble
100 g Flour
100 g Almond flour
3 g Cornstarch
100 g Icing sugar
100 g Butter
1 g Salt

Almond crisp
Mix all the ingredients while adding 200 g of cold butter cubes. Spread on a tray and bake at 160°C till golden brown. Add 150 g melted butter and mix by hand to make crumbs. Place the crunchy mixture on a tray and make it compact.

Sponge cake
Beat the egg yolks, eggs, honey and 420 g sugar. Beat the egg whites and 100 g sugar. Combine the two mixtures and add the flour. Spread it and bake at 160°C for 5 min. After it cools down, soak the sponge cake with a lychee syrup made using 65 g sugar, 50 g lychee liqueur and 120 g water. Add a thin layer of soaked sponge cake on the crunchy mixture. Freeze.

Jasmine cremeux
Heat the milk and let it infuse with the jasmine buds overnight. Make a custard, filter and add the gelatin. Add the melted chocolate and emulsify. Cool at room temperature. Place on the sponge cake and make “waves”.

Lychee coulis
Whisk the sugar and pectin. Add to the lychee purée and bring to a boil. Add the gelatin and cool at room temperature. Pour on the jasmine cremeux layer and freeze. After it is frozen, place another layer of sponge cake soaked with syrup.

Vanilla and jasmine mousse Heat the milk and let it infuse with the vanilla and jasmine for a night. Make a custard, and add the gelatin. Cool at room temperature. Incorporate the whipped cream. Place a layer of mousse on the sponge cake. Freeze.

Chantilly cream
Whip the cream with the icing sugar. Freeze the Chantilly cream in dumpling shaped moulds.

White chocolate icing
Simmer the cream, and incorporate it in the melted chocolate. Add the dissolved gelatin, and then water and oil, and emulsify. Cover and cool until the temperature comes down to 32°C. Remove the frozen Chantilly cream from the mould and add the white chocolate icing.

White chocolate spray
Melt all the ingredients and put in the spray.

Lychee icing
Mix and whisk.

Almond crumble
Mix all the ingredients and refrigerate for 15 min. Using a spatula, whisk until the mixture becomes coarse. Bake at 180°C for 10 min.

Spray the dessert with the white chocolate spray. Decorate with the Chantilly cream, cremeux, almond crumble, lychee icing and silver leaf.

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