BAE by Socieaty: Comforting Fusion Food


Looking for a Western-style food with a hearty flavor? BAE by Socieaty has some comfort food offerings for you.

BAE is an abbreviation for Before Anyone Else, not to mention a popular term for the one you hold dearest. It is also the reason why the people behind the eatery designed every inch of BAE to offer a fulfilling dining experience.

Nestled in the most-comfy food area in Senayan City, BAE creates a friendly place for everyone. You can pick a table in the open space area or sit on a elegant dark sofa inside and feast your eyes on the wine display on the wall.

BAE is offering a vast array of fusion dishes mixing East and West. From nachos to pizza to foie gras to bebek sambal matah, BAE wants to cover the food preferences of every mood and occasion.

Start your dinner with the finger bites called Cassava Nachos, an Asian riff on a classic Tex-mex dish. Cassava chips, known as opak in Indonesia, have a much more crunchy and airy texture that goes along with the dominant flavor of the guacamole and sour cream.


Or indulge in more stylish finger bites, like the Doperlamb Ribs and Foie Gras Dates. Juicy, meaty ribs with a smooth layer of fat that easily falls off from the bone will never fail. The explosive Foie Gras Dates is a must-have dish if you’re searching for a complete dining experience.

For a main dish, Chef Robert Veenendaal from BAE recommends the Bebek Matah. The duck meat is cooked sous vide, resulting in a super moist and tender meat without losing any flavor. It is then combined with fragrant sambal matah with a mild, spicy kick to make it crowd-pleasingly exciting.


For the dessert, BAE has something unique that tastes surprising good and is also perfect as a seductive Instagram post: the Chocolate Salted Egg Lava Cake. It’s such a pleasant feeling when you watch the gooey dark chocolate and yellow salted egg sauce flowing out from inside cake.

BAE is also proud of their drinks line-up. The workers at the neat bar at the entrance will prepare you signature cocktails, such as the 50 Shades of Bae, which feels refreshing to counter the heat of Jakarta. There’s also a wide range of wines, as well as knowledgeable waiters to make wine-pairing recommendations.

Senayan City, Lower Ground, Crystal Lagoon.
Jalan Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta.
T: +62 21 72782828, +62 852 2228 7777

Written by FoodieS Photographs by Yosua Yanuard November 21, 2017.