Sublime Creations: Yann Brys

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Best Pastry Craftsman of France Yann Brys was in Jakarta for an inspiring week in October.

During this time in the city, Chef Yann hosted two teatimes and offered an exclusive demonstration of the unique “Tourbillon” pastry technique which he invented.

Yann hosted the teatimes at Lewis & Carroll Tea Shop in Jakarta, presenting his pastries: Chocolate Petal, Mango Popcorn Verrines, Chestnut & Blackcurrant Tourbillon, Stylish Tonka Verrines and Ripple. The Mango Popcorn Verrines was especially created for this event. These pastries were served with unique and delicate tea pairing by the tea masters at Lewis & Carroll.

For the exclusive demonstration, taglined: “Yann Brys will make you head spin” and held at Heavenly Sweet School, the chef presented three recipes:  Chocolate petal, Mango Popcorn Verrines, and Chestnut & Blackcurrant Tourbillon.

The 130 people in the audience were excited to listen Yann’s explanation and tips for the recipe creations, as well as pumped up by DJ performance between each recipe presentation.

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The preparations of the recipes were made with chefs Priscilla Wignjopranoto from Chicory Jakarta, Edwin Soeryajaya from Ambrogio Bandung and Ivan Wibobo & Rendi Rahmat from Sukanda Djaya.

A native of Narbonne in southern France, Yann discovered a passion for patisserie at a very early age. As a kid, he helped his mother to make cakes and sweet pastries for special occasions.

He then studied patisserie at the catering school in Toulouse, obtaining a BTS vocational training certificate, before meeting patisserie chef Michel Mendiela while working at a luxury hotel in Cannes one summer. The chef opened Yann’s eyes to the magic of this profession and made him realized that patisserie was far more than just a passion.

However, he really learned his wide-ranging skills from Philippe Urraca, a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (roughly translated as Best Pastry Craftsman of France) for whom he worked for a year.

His ambition led him to Paris, where he joined Fauchon, working under chef Sébastien Gaudard. There he learned the importance of being meticulous and a whole new approach to taste, combining the most unusual flavors.

During his military service, he also served as pastry chef for the Ministry of Defence and then  for top Parisian hotels such as the Concorde Lafayette and Bristol. But his passion for boutique work, led him to join Dalloyau as number two to the R&D Director, Pascal Niau, also a  Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

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In 2009, Yann developed a new technique that is used worldwide today for piping cream on a turntable as it generates a unique and very elegant effect. This idea came to him in 2004 when he was looking to create a new stripy effect on a biscuit and decided to turn it to create a whirl (tourbillon).

In 2011, Yann Brys was awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France accolade in patisserie by his peers.

“I create pastries from my desires. The most important thing for me is that all my pastries should be gourmand,” Yann said.

He explained that his creative process involved him thinking about taste and trying to create the form and the shape closest to the taste. “I am creating myself the molds, I am always looking for the best unique form associated to the flavors.”

Yann Brys

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Yann Brys is an ambassador of French pastry-making and inventor of the Tourbillon  technique. He received  the Meilleur Ouvrier de France accolade in patisserie in 2011.

Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard November 20, 2017.