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Month: November 2017

Three-Star Michelin Chef Takashi Saito to Open First Sushi Saito Outside Japan at  Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

Three-Star Michelin Chef Takashi Saito to Open First Sushi Saito Outside Japan at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

A legendary chef is poised to join the most celebrated destination for fine cuisine in Hong Kong. Coming in April 2018, three Michelin star Sushi Saito of Tokyo, will venture outside of Japan for the first time, with the opening of Sushi Saito at Four Seasons Hotel […]

AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta December Promotion For Lunch and Dinner

AYANA Midplaza, Jakarta December Promotion For Lunch and Dinner

Viva Churros at JimBARan Lounge Throughout December JimBARan Lounge celebrates the art of Mexican cuisine with a sweet and savory “Viva Churros” promotion available for lunch and dinner starting Dec 1st. AYANA invites in-house guests and local residents to experience a mini staycation in the heart of the […]

ARTOTEL Sanur — Embracing the Sea

ARTOTEL Sanur — Embracing the Sea


ARTOTEL Sanur, Bali  is an enchanted, stylish Balinese tropical paradise, which embraces the sea.

Bali is blessed with the abundant waters of the glorious Indian Ocean. The island is surrounded by a dramatic and varying coastline, providing the ideal settings for ocean fish farming.

The heritage of fishing running through Bali is so strong that its fishermen are some of the most experienced there are. It leads to them holding a great respect for both the sea and the fish, thus ensuring that it comes to market in the best possible condition.

Head to one of Bali’s many sea side seafood restaurants and see it prepared right in front of you, or visit your local fishmonger – chat to them about what’s good, what’s in season and what you can do with it at home. More often than not you’ll find it’s better for you, quicker to prepare and kinder on your wallet, too.


Consuming over one-fifth of the world’s oceans, the colossal Indian Ocean plays home to endless variety of fresh seafood – and a peppering of islands, each boasting vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and a love for fresh, fiery cuisine. ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali, a boutique hotel in Sanur perched on the southern coastal side of Bali, brings together the culinary diversity and punchy flavors of both western and Asian fares at ROCA its 24 Hours signature restaurant, quite possible the only one of its kind around Sanur area. Showcasing an unforgettable mix of authentic and artisanal offerings, ROCA captures the heart and soul of the island’s love of food, entwined with a mastery of spice and seasoning.

Sanur area where the artistically designed ARTOTEL Sanur –Bali located has been long associated with a serene and relaxed atmosphere. This village on the southeastern coast strikes a nice balance between local life and the mostly European tourists — a calm and relaxed alternative, in comparison to Seminyak or Kuta. A popular spot for mature visitors, Sanur does have a certain laid back charm. Expect clear waters and golden sand instead of white powder. The shore (at least midway on Sanur Beach) is peppered with rocks and broken shells but the traditional boats that line the beach, especially at sunset, make for a gorgeous setting.

Often referred to as jewels scattered across deep blue waters, Bali has always been regarded as some of the most picturesque places on earth. ROCA is a culinary celebration of this, bringing the bounty of the Indian Ocean and the unique food developed by local island cultures, where aromatic dishes are prepared using only the freshest of local ingredients as well as the ‘comfort food’ more familiar to westerners’ palate. The local menu is inspired by resourceful street traders, and authentic family recipes which have been passed down through generations of island dwellers, bringing together genuine dishes from the isles across the archipelago.

Creative, casual, and bright setting during the day and warm chilled-lounge in the evening, ROCA’s setting includes communal tables, lounge chairs, and is open 24 hours for breakfast, supper and anything in between. ROCA offers local, Asian, and international foods and includes a brunch menu and specially brewed coffees by Filosofi Kopi.

ROCA’s Signature Jumbo Fish and Chip


150 gr         Dory Fillet / Mahi Mahi
100 gr         100 French Fries
1                   Egg -whisk
20 gr            Bread Crumb
10 gr            All Purpose Flour

Tartar Sauce
1                   Boiled Egg
25 gr            Mayonnaise
5 gr              Capers
5 gr              Gherkin


  • Clean and pat dry dory / mahi mahi fish fillet.
  • Season fish with salt and pepper, dust with flour, dip in egg-wash and roll in bread crumbs
  • Deep fried until golden brown
  • Served crispy fish with French fries, salad and tartar sauce

Tartar Sauce

  • Boiled egg, and chop the egg white
  • Mix with mayonnaise, capers and gherkins


Jl. Kusuma Sari No.1
Sanur, Bali
T: +62361 4721 000
W: www.artotelindonesia.com
Photos by: ARTOTEL

Joy On a Plate, From the Pastry Princess

Joy On a Plate, From the Pastry Princess

If you get the opportunity to be beside Kimmy Pangestu, chef and owner of Nomz Kitchen and Pastry, please do. She loves to pamper people with food. If the recent Jakarta weather brings the gloomy in you, maybe head over to Nomz and indulge yourself […]

Welcoming Gaya Gelato to South Jakarta

Welcoming Gaya Gelato to South Jakarta

Snuggled inside Pondok Indah Mall, the latest outlet of Gaya Gelato is ready to serve refreshing treats to the people of Jakarta. Gaya Gelato was established in Bali and kept growing on the resort island before reaching the capital. The brand’s latest shop recently opened […]

Jakarta Culinary Feastival:  Back With a BANG!

Jakarta Culinary Feastival: Back With a BANG!

Jakarta Culinary Feastival (JCF) by Ismaya is back. This special event for foodies mixed legendary Jakarta street food stalls, coffee shops, desserts and modern cuisines standing together to satisfy the city’s food cravings.

After a long hiatus, JCF by Ismaya was back from Nov. 16 to 19. Together with Go-Jek, JCF not only featured many famous food vendors but also invited inspiring culinary stars to share their knowledge and food for more than 40 special events.

Visiting chefs include Manjunath Mural who is the first Indian chef to score a Michelin star for Song of India restaurant in Singapore, Ryan Clift from Tipping Club in Singapore and Grow in Bali, who garnered numerous awards for progressive and avant-garde cuisine, local pride Chris Salans of Mozaic and Spice by Chris Salans, whose face is seen a lot on local TV lately, Eelke Plasmeijer from Locavore in Ubud, as the only Indonesian restaurant included in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. And Chele Gonzalez of Gallery VASK in Manila, whose modern cuisine centers on endemic Philippine ingredients and is No. 35 on the 2017 Asia’s 50 Best list.

The four-day event was spread over two big tents, aptly called Spoon and Fork. One of the highlights of the Spoon tent was the Go-Food area, filled with some of their most popular merchants, with the likes of Nasi Goreng Kebun Sirih, Martabak Orins, Seblak Edun, Sate Padang Ajo Ramon, Eatlah and many more. The aroma created by these booths caused a steady stream of festival visitors to queue up.

Inside the Spoon tent was the restaurant area with an even livelier atmosphere. Many famous chefs have their own stalls, like Spice by Chris Salans, Tippling Club Singapore and Grow Bali by Ryan Clift, Sevenfriday by Fernando Sindu, and also the Singapore Marquee, which was curated by Food Cult, which showcased the Song of India, Gattopardo, Esquina and the 1925 Brewing Co. Eager for guest attention, each tenant got themselves into good ol’ style marketing through shouting with lots of laughs and funny tricks. The guys of Tipping Club and Grow Bali had free hugs on their menu!

The most exciting part of Spoon tent is the special events Chef-to-Table. Snuggled on a corner, right beside the cooking stage, there was a long table set where people could register for a culinary experience created by professional chefs. One of the best Chef-to-Table moment was when Chele Gonzales of Gallery VASK and Kimmy Pangestu from Nomz joined forces to create a dinner of Philippine and Indonesian flavors.

The bigger Fork tent had a different attraction. The sweet aroma from the different dessert stalls had everyone enralled. Stalls selling their signature desserts: eclairs from Beau, cheese cake heaven from Dore by Letao, artisan doughnut by Dough Darlings, and also addictive cocoa liquid drinks by Pipiltin Cocoa. To wash down the no-regret-calorie-and-sugar-intake, patrons could have a cup of their favorite caffeine concoctions at the coffee area, with a number of famous cafes in attendance.

In addition to the food, JCF also offered a knowledge experience through cooking classes and master’s classes, making sure that not only the tummies were full.

This year’s JCF revival was a welcome food event for the Jakarta market. We eagerly await next year’s iteration!

Photos by: Yosua Yanuard and Ismaya.

Scénario Printanier by Sarah Ni

Scénario Printanier by Sarah Ni

Hailing from all over the world, 10 of the finest pastry chefs gathered earlier this year in Singapore to showcase some of the finest use of European cream with their dessert and pastry creations. The chefs worked on the theme ‘Blanc de Blanc’, or ‘White of Whites’, […]

A Tell Tale of KitKat

A Tell Tale of KitKat

KitKat in Japan is not only a chocolate, it’s in a completely different sphere. It has evolved into a cult movement to the point of, it is a mandatory to bring home KitKat as souvenir if you travelled to Japan. FoodieS sits down with Ryoji […]

Chef Thomas’ Chewy, Fudgy Brownie

Chef Thomas’ Chewy, Fudgy Brownie

adv - Oxone Brownie-23
Baking enthusiast Chef Thomas Law shares a recipe for tasty–yet easy and fun-to-make chocolate brownies.

The chocolate brownie is one of the most classic and easy baked desserts. Depending on their density, brownies come in a variety of forms, running from the fudgy or cakey. So simple to make, brownies can be boosted by simple additions, such as nuts, frosting, cream cheese, or, of course, chocolate chips.

Developed in the US at the end of the 19th century and quickly gaining popularity, brownies have since become a favorite baked dessert in Asia, as well as Indonesia.

“For my recipe, I try to use the best and healthiest ingredients. I want to be as close to a guilt-free cake as I can be,” Thomas said, adding that brownies were also a fun recipe to make with little ones.

“It’s so simple. It would be hard to make wrong,” Thomas said. “Children love lending a hand to mix the batter.”

Thomas comes from a long line of cooks and restaurateurs. His great-grandmother started a family venture by selling food, while his aunts are still in the food business in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

“I’ve been helping mom since I was little, but I started cooking for a large number of people when I was 15,” Thomas said.

As he got older, Thomas grew bored with cooking meals and started to get interested in baking. Upon graduating high school, he studied accounting, while keeping his passion to cook on the back burner.

He started a baking blog and began to sell baked goods, eventually sharing recipes, tips and tricks on baking on Instagram.

Thomas now offers baking workshops on the weekends, while running a cake-and-cookies catering business throughout the week days.

“I want to be able to open my own baking center. I am a vegetarian now, so I want to be able to produce healthy cakes and cookies,” he said.

Chewy, Fudgy Brownie

adv - Oxone Brownie-19

adv - Oxone Brownie-1

2 pcs            Eggs
150 gr         Confectioner’s sugar
90 gr            Flour
10 gr            Milk powder
35 gr            Chocolate butter
50 g             Butter
150 gr         Couverture chocolate
40 ml           Vegetable oil

To taste       Sliced almond, chocolate chips


adv - Oxone Brownie-3
adv - Oxone Brownie-9

  • Heat and mix butter, couverture chocolate and vegetable in a bain-marie. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
  • Sift and mix flour, milk and chocolate powder.
  • Whip eggs and sugar with mixer to foam. Mix with remaining ingredients.
  • Pour into 18×18 or 20×20 centimeter baking pan. Sprinkle with toppings. Bake.


adv - Oxone Brownie-18

  • Power Supply: 1300 Watt
  • Capacity: 30 lt
  • 4 shift Function
  • Min (room temperature) – 230C
  • Timer: 120 Min (with stay on)
  • VDE plug, rubber wire, length outside oven 0.95 m(black)
  • BBQ & Rotisseries Pick
  • 4 Function:

Convection + Inner Lamp (12W+15W)

Upper heating element + Rotisserie + Inner Lamp (750W+6W+15W)

Lower heating element (750W)

Upper heating element + Lower heating element + Convection

OXONE Signature Standing Mixer (OX-859)

  • Variable 9 Stepless Speed
  • 5.5 Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Capacity 6Vlt
  • Pop-up Head Lift
  • Easy Operation
  • Dimensi 46 cm x 38 cm x 42 cm
  • Berat 8kg
  • Power Supply 1200Watt

adv - Oxone Brownie-25
T: +62 21 6625488
+62 21 6623389
+62 819 08325160
Instagram: @OxoneOnline
Facebook  : OxoneOnline
Twitter: @Oxone_indonesia
Youtube: Oxone Indonesia

Sublime Creations: Eunjung Cho

Sublime Creations: Eunjung Cho

For Seoul-based Pastry Chef Eunjung Cho, being able to make dessert dishes and share knowledge are the best things about being a chef. Eunjung Cho does not come from a family of cooks, but her mom who loves to paint and cook inspired her to make […]

A Story of Chocolate at Namelaka

A Story of Chocolate at Namelaka

Yoan and Ivan of Namelaka are avid dessert people. Tucked inside one of the “hypest” place in the heart of Menteng’s Shophaus is Namelaka, masterminded by Yoan Tjahjadi and Ivan Setyawan–members of a duo that are having a love affair with chocolate. Yoan, who was […]

Bakmi Jhon Melawai, for Your Noodle Needs

Bakmi Jhon Melawai, for Your Noodle Needs

Bakmi Jhon-2

The Melawai neighborhood that gives Blok M its name is a major hub for street food favorites. We visited one of its gems: Bakmi Jhon.

It’s no secret that bakmi, or noodles, is a favorite comfort food of Indonesians. Most people in the nation have noodles several times a month, if not several times a week.

One thing is clear: the people at Bakmi Jhon know their noodles. But be forewarned: This is real street food. The bakmi is ordered from a cart and seating is on plastic chairs in a parking lot. Pro tip: Drive to Bakmi Jhon, park and order noodles delivered to your car.

Bakmi Jhon-3

We, however, arrived on foot to find the stall swarmed with diners, so we ordered and waited for our food. Looking around, there was no good place to sit, as Bakmi Jhon was in the middle of its lunch rush.

The wait wasn’t long to find a place to sit. People come, order, eat and go. Following those who arrived previously, we immediately grabbed seats when patrons left. The space is not too big. There are only a few plastic chairs and tables. On the table, there’s chili and sauce jars. People set their drinks on the table, which leaves no space for your bowl of noodle on the table.

Bakmi Jhon-8

We ordered Yamin Ayam Jamur Baso. Yamin is a bakmi with no soup and which is instead doused with kecap manis sweet soy sauce. It’s darker and sweeter than the regular mie ayam. I added some chili, but take note: Bakmi Jhon’s chili is very, very spicy.

Our real mission was to try the noodles, which are thick here and perfect for a yamin. The mushroom and chicken served with the dish are there as sideshows; as is as the fried wonton that’s included.

Bakmi Jhon-5

Bakmi Jhon also offers jumbo portions if a regular size is not enough. The price for Mie Ayam Jamur is Rp 15,000 and for the jumbo size it’s Rp 30,000.

The place opens at 7:30 am and close at 4 pm or when stocks are depleted. I would suggest you come outside lunchtime, if you don’t like waiting.

Jalan Sampit, Melawai, Blok M, Jakarta
OPENING HOURS: Daily, 7.30am – 4pm
SPEND: IDR 20,000 – IDR 35,000 / person