6X6 at Pasar Baru, Jakarta

6X6 is a food trip series where FoodieS takes you to six recommended food places you can visit in a area within six hours.

Our host is Ade Putri who might not look like she can eat a lot, but she can totally fool you. She is an active a member of Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia (ACMI), is also known as Mommy Beer at Beergembira, and a proud owner of Kedai Aput, while managing a number of well-known Indonesian musicians and really getting into high intensity workouts. But, what is she doing during her spare time? Well, she’ll take you on food trips.

On this 6X6 episode, Ade Putri is strolling around Pasar Baru area to enjoy six different food places from noon to evening. Watch the video and check out the details below!

1. Soto Madura Pak Hadi
Why: The famous super savory broth of Soto Madura is addictive and this food stall is one of the best. The thick broth, tender meat, added with lime juice will get you sipping the bowl down.

What to order: Soto Madura, choose your preference whether you will have meat only or with innards. | Rp40,000 / person

Address: Jalan Pintu Air Raya No. 4, Sawah Besar | Phone: +62 857-7555-6341

2. Es Krim Tropik
Why: One of the old restaurants in Jakarta known for its vintage style ice cream. Nesting in the middle of the Pasar Baru, Tropik is like an oasis to have a break during your shopping time.

What to order: Banana Split and Tutty Frutty | Rp50,000 / person

Address: Jl. Pasar Baru No. 28A, Pasar Baru, Jakarta | Phone: 021-3457474

3. Bakmi Aboen
Why: To all bakmie lovers, Bakmi Aboen is a must. One of the hidden gems snugged inside a small alley in Jalan Kelinci, Pasar Baru. Bakmi Aboen has been around since 1962 and still satisfy all their loyal customers.

What to order: Mie Ayam / Babi (chicken / pork noodle) and Bakso Goreng (pork fried meatballs) | Rp60,000 / person

Address: Jalan Gang Kelinci No.16

4. Cakwe Ko Atek
Why: Sitting in a same alley of Bakmi Aboen, Ko Atek offers you oldie but goodie traditional fried bread called cakwe and kue bantal. Some may find it heavy, but it is still considered as snack in Indonesia. Cakwe Ko Atek has been serving their customer since 1970s.

What to order: Cakwe and Kue Bantal | Rp10,000 / person

Address: Jalan Gang Kelinci

5. Taj Mahal
Why: Taj Mahal Restaurant may be small and looks far from fancy, but the Indian and Pakistani food here will surprise you. They use authentic recipes yet somehow still can cover Indonesian taste preference. It is so authentic, that some big hotels in Jakarta sometimes order dishes here.

What to order: Mutton Krahi, Chicken Tandoori, dan Paneer Palak | Rp100,000 / person

Address: Jalan H. Samanhudi No. 10A, Pasar Baru

6. Shantung
Why: Shantung is a kind of restaurant that’s ready to welcome anyone exhausted after a day shopping in Pasar Baru. Shantung offers Chinese food which would be perfect for family dinner, and one of their specialty is their vegetarian menu.

What to order: Nasi goreng siram ayam lada hitam, kuotie, and mixed hotplate | Rp100,000 / orang

Address: Jalan Antara No. 31 | Phone: +62 21 3520169


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Written by FoodieS September 27, 2017.