Asia’s Pastry Chefs’ La Creme de la Creme


Hailing from all over the world, 10 of the finest pastry chefs gathered in Singapore at Forlino on June 15 to showcase some of the finest use of European cream with their dessert and pastry creations.

La Crème de la Crème event was organized by CNIEL, the French Dairy Interbranch Organization, and the European Union, and in association with Sopexa. This is part of a partnership to promote French and European dairy products in Asia and the Middle East.


Indonesia’s very own Talita Setyadi joined other in the event where they took two days to perfect and craft their pastries at cooking institution At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. Each was tasked with creating a unique pastry to present to an audience of leading F&B media during an evening event.


Aside from Talita, the other chefs were Mayada Badr from Saudi Arabia, Nicolas Lambert from Hong Kong, Nicolas Bacheyre from France, Julien Perrinet from Taiwan, Sarah Ni from China, Waddah Bou Saad from UAE, Cheryl Koh (from Singapore, Jewook Ko from South Korea, and Paul Gardin from Malaysia.

Their recipes will be published in a beautifully illustrated recipe book to be used as a training tool for students at annual workshops.


“French cream is an essential ingredient in authentic French pastry and no other product can replicate its rich and aromatic flavors,” said Centre National Interprofessionel de l’Economie Laitière (CNIEL) communication director Laurent Damiens.

“Creating new pastries by combining these traditional flavors and techniques with new international and modern influences demonstrates the versatility of this key ingredient,” Laurent added.

European cream is instantly recognizable by its texture and highly developed aromas, characterized by its roundness, smoothness and a bright, fresh taste. Due to its high standards, authenticity and quality, European cream carries strong values that reflect the professionalism of the top pastry chefs, who are assured of the best quality. Through the workshop, participants and guests saw the difference the choice of ingredient made especially in delicate culinary art.


The chefs had to work on the theme ‘Blanc de Blanc’, or ‘White of Whites’, with the only requisite being to use their creativity to make a dessert with one shade of white and one texture of cream.


The white theme offered its own culinary range and proposes new gastronomic sensations – an invitation to the chefs to use their pure imagination. They were given complete free reign to create absolute masterpieces using a combination of new and classic recipes, and traditional and contemporary baking techniques. The cream, which was the hero ingredient, remains as the integral element in each cake.


Written by Tatu Hutami Photographs by Danny AW September 18, 2017.