KITKAT Launch Japanese Sake Flavor Masuizumi

Nestlé Japan Ltd. will begin shipments of KITKAT Japanese Sake flavor Masuizumi, using Toyama’s choice sake Masuizumi, in mid-September. It is being produced by Hidetoshi Nakata, who has visited 300 sake breweries all around Japan and is committed to spreading the charms of traditional Japanese products such as sake to the rest of the world.

Nestlé currently sells more than 30 types of KITKAT in Japan, such as the Matcha flavor, which are supported by foreign visitors to Japan. The Japanese Sake flavor has been even better received than was anticipated when it was launched in February 2016, and now it is often chosen as a classic souvenir of Japan.

Now Nestlé is renewing the existing Japanese Sake flavor in collaboration with the Japanese sake connoisseur Hidetoshi Nakata, to further strengthen its ability to capture inbound demand from foreign visitors to Japan. KITKAT Japanese Sake flavor Masuizumi, using Toyama’s choice sake Masuizumi, which was selected from 100 famous brands voted on by Japanese sake fans, will begin shipping all over Japan in mid-September.

This product, which we have developed with Mr. Nakata for more than a year, is made with the image of the refreshing, dry flavor of “Masuizumi dry.” Wrapped in white chocolate, its rich flavor fills the mouth, with a refined, refreshing aftertaste, letting you enjoy the tender sweetness of the chocolate. Also, the package has a background color of Japan’s traditional vermilion, with a Japanese sake bottle sitting wrapped in a pure white cloth, expressing its high quality. Furthermore, because we wish for more people to learn about Japanese sake, the side has bits of information about Japanese sake written, so we have included the idea that people can enjoy learning as well.

” Once this collaboration was decided, I recommended Masudashuzo who actively promote Japanese sake to the world. Masudashuzo is one of my most trusted sake breweries for both quality and taste. When I actually tried the finished product, I was amazed at how well it authentically recreated the flavor of “Masuizumi dry”, and I tasted the refreshing dry flavor the instant I put it I my mouth, leaving the fragrance of Japanese sake as a refined, refreshing aftertaste. It has an exquisite affinity for white chocolate, and I hope not only sake fans but also many chocolate fans in Japan and overseas will enjoy it,” said Mr. Nakata

President Masuda of Masudashuzo said “we tested a variety of many famous brands of sake, some with a little deeper sake flavor or good fragrance, and sweet sakes, but the one with the most impact as a Japanese sake was “Masuizumi dry.” It had just the right affinity with white chocolate. We recreated that refreshing dry taste, and I think they created a higher level of genuine flavor, with the rich fragrance of Japanese sake spreading through the mouth. I am really looking forward to hearing how customers react.”

Written by FoodieS September 13, 2017.