The Return of Indonesian Culinary Stars Petty Elliott, Vindex Tengker and Felix Budisetiawan

Guest Chef Petty Elliott and Vindex Tengker in collaboration with our Executive Chef, Felix Budisetiawan invite the food enthusiasts to discover the exciting flavors and celebrate the richness of Indonesia’s culinary in “The Return of Indonesian Culinary Stars” at the Jakarta Restaurant & Courtyard. For a whole month of September, this exciting program will showcase a wide spread of lavish Indonesian dishes from 3 different regions in rotation; where each dish from appetizer, main course to dessert is carefully selected and crafted by each culinary expert.

Sulawesi cuisines by Petty Elliott (Sept 1 – 10)

Chef Petty Elliot will represent the dishes from Sulawesi region, which known for its rich variations in seafood, fearless amount of spices, extra hot condiments, and European-influenced cakes and pastries. The dishes include Lawi-lawi, Gohu Ikan, Ayam Masak Dibulu, Seafood Pallumara and selection of ice cream inspired from Sulawesi ingredients such as Toraja Coffee Ice Cream and Papaya Tono Sorbet.


Jogjakarta and Central Java cuisines by Chef Vindex Tengker (Sept 11 – 20)

Some Indonesians perceive Jogjakarta and Central Java’s cuisine as sweeter compared to other Indonesian dishes, because of the liberal use of palm sugar or sweet soy sauce. It is more indigenously developed and noted for its simplicity. Chef Vindex Tengker will represent the graciousness of Jogjakarta and Central Java’s favorites such as Tengkleng Kambing, Brongkos Iga Sapi, Bistik Jawa, Garang Asam Ayam and Nasi Golong.


West Java cuisines by Chef Felix Budisetiawan (Sept 21 – 30)

The freshness, simplicity and clear taste of hearty dishes from West Java region will be represented by our Executive Chef Felix Budisetiawan, ranged from savory salty, fresh sourness, mild sweetness, to hot and spicy. The dishes include Karedok, Mie Kocok, Nasi Timbel, Cumi Balakutak, Gurame Cobek and selection of traditional sweets such as Awug, Gemblong and Es Cendol.

These delightful spread of dishes are available in one dedicated corner during two dining period at:

Rp 395.000++ per person (adult) and Rp 245.000++ per person (child) for lunch

Rp 495.000++ per person (adult) and Rp 295.000++ per person (child) for dinner

As part of CSR program conducted by The Dharmawangsa, every Rp 10.000 from one sold buffet per person will be donated to Yayasan Wisma Cheshire; a residential, vocational training program for adult men and women with mobility disabilities (www.wismacheshire).

Jalan Brawijaya No. 26, Jakarta
Facebook: thedharmawangsajakarta
Photographs by: The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Written by FoodieS September 8, 2017.