Samudra Nusantara Dinner by Nusa Gastronomy


Special dinner course to commemorate the vast diversity of Indonesian Seafood.

Nusa Gastronomy has its own way to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day and their first anniversary by creating a special seafood dinner course called Samudra Nusantara. It consists of seafood line-up that highlights local produce sea goods and recipes from several areas in Indonesia. This special dinner is only available until Sept. 17, 2017.


The course starts with Amuse Bouche that has four light dishes, but one in particular that is stealing attention is Javanese oyster with dabu-dabu foam. This cute pinkish dish has a very not cute flavor: the superb umami flavor from the oyster and the fresh tomato flavor with a hint of spiciness from the dabu-dabu foam.


After the small dishes, the course will take you in a roller coaster. Started with Gohu Udang with smooth flavor created by the recipe from Jailolo, Halmahera and shrimp from Bitung Island with lemon cui and sprinkle of Kenari (local walnuts).


The second and third dishes are elevated traditional food dishes, Soup Ikan Arsik which has perfect sourness to get our palate excited and then Gulai Kepiting that full of rich and savory flavor which will it vanish from your plate in an instant.


The last main dish is the Mahi-Mahi Sambal Tempoyak. The combination of tender mahi-mahi fish, the salty and crunchy local anchovies, and sambal tempoyak made from fermented durian, is the peak of the Samudra Nusantara dinner.

As a closure from the exciting ride, there will be sweet and fresh Tamarillo Sorbet with Passion fruit Espuma and Chocolate Nusantara that has chocolate gelato with andaliman pepper.


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Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard September 4, 2017.