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Ever wonder what happens when you fuse Japanese and French style together? Momozen offer us the answer.

Located on The Plaza 46th floor, 200 meters above the ground, Momozen is not only offering a stunning bird-eye view of Thamrin area in Central Jakarta but their concept is the highlight that might steal attentions of Jakarta foodies. Combining the Japanese meticulous style and French cooking technique is their big idea.


The first thing that you will experience when you enter Momozen is the simplicity. It is decorated with modern Japanese style emphasizing natural elements such as soil, stone, plant, wood and fire. All of each color elements are represented on chair, table set and decoration, wall, floor, big Japanese kimonos and modern art pictures. This is a nice place to dine with your loved ones, or have a VIP celebration in a room for six people.

Momozen is committed to serving an innovative and unique food. In the future, they are ready to change and offer different menu, to push their limit based on the available ingredients and current trend. Currently, for their opening offer, they have created several special dishes made with truffle. Starting with the Black Truffle Somen with Caviar, a chilled Japanese some noodle topped with truffle kombu and caviar. It’s a perfect appetizer to arouse your palate.

The star for their current course is Truffle Donabe Gohan, a rice dish that made by order and will be served in 30 minutes. It worth the wait, because the rice is cooked with Japanese dashi, that has a perfect and complex umami flavor, using traditional clay pot. The chef himself, Hiromi Mizushima, will bring the rice and slice abundant amount of truffle right on the table.

If you still crave for more truffle, try the Baby Chic Truffle Rice, a charcoal grilled whole baby chicken with truffle butter rice. But, don’t forget the other food line up because all of them are equally good. Charcoal Grilled Gyu Tounge, Yuba Frog, To-morokoshi Potate (special made corn soup) and Surume Ika are some of my personal favorites.


Momozen is created by three people who share the same vision and idea about food, Sho Naganuma as consulting chef, Hiromi Mizushima as Executive Chef and Tora Widjaja as the owner of Momozen. Chef Naganuma also believes that high quality food need to be paired with high quality beverages, that is why Momozen also serve great selection of wine, cocktails, and sake with affordable prices.

The Plaza building, 46th floor.
Open: Lunch 12:00-15:00 and Dinner 18:00-22:00
T: (021) 29922246
Instagram: @momozenid

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