brood-en-boter a Cafe For All of Ages

If you passed by Jalan Bangka Raya, there is one new restaurant currently receiving lots of customers.

brood-en-boter is an Indonesian food restaurant and bakery. During my visit I was recommended ayam goreng Bangka for my main course and because it is a bakery too, so I want to taste their bakery dish.

“Roti bakar kaya,” said the waiter recommending the dish from the bakery section.

There was many kids at the restaurant that day, making the fullest of a play room provided for them. Clearly, the restaurant cater more the family market.

At the center of main room, they put a table for their ready to eat bakery and donuts, for customer to choose and enjoy.

The roti bakar kaya is a thick piece of plain bread cut into two, toasted with butter and served smothered in piece thick of plain bread cutted by two. Before served, the bread was toast with a small saucer of kaya jam and unsalted butter.

I love it very much. The bread was soft even on the edge. It’s toasted just enough so it wasn’t overtly crunchy. The bread itself was so good even without the kaya or the butter.

The kaya was thick. The taste is strong and sweet too. For you who loved kaya, I’m pretty sure you will fall in love with this. When I combined those two of toppings, oh God, I can not stop eating.

The ayam goreng Bangka was served with sambal matah and kerupuk (crakers).

I loved the chicken; soft inside and crispy outside. For the chicken skin lovers, I bet you will like it. Unfortunately, the sambal matah was below my expectation. It has the taste of shallot only and I can’t find the taste of chili. But over all I would love to come back if not just for the kaya toast.

The recent update from brood-en-boter is now their opens for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Psstt.. Their wifi password is BNBJAKARTA1

Jalan Bangka Raya No. 25, Jakarta
Opens: 8 am – 9 pm
Instagram: @broodenboterjkt

Written by Lion Haloho Photographs by Lion Haloho August 25, 2017.