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Makna Coffee: Nothing But Coffee

Makna Creative, a creative lab based in Jakarta, has expanded by opening a coffee shop in the busy Mega Kuningan area.

Located at Kuningan City Mall, Jakarta, Makna Coffee officially opened last week. If this place is on your commute route and you need caffeine kick to start your day before going to office, this place will be your best friend.


Makna Coffee served many kind of espresso-based coffee: cappuccino, cafe latte, piccolo, etc. What makes this coffee shop unique? The price. Makna Coffee has a flat price for all coffee, Rp 20,000 per cup for all coffee.

I tried their iced cafe latte, their best seller to date said one of barista. The coffee itself is good. I’m not a fan of latte without sugar, but I can enjoy Makna’s latte without sugar. Unlike at Tuku or Sagaleh, this latte does not come pre-sugared.


However, this establishment is not one to stay long at. Because Makna Coffee’s concept is on-the- go, their have no chairs and tables. Only one big sofa that belongs to Makna Creative.

The interior is quite clean and nice. The area is divided twofold: Makna Creative office and Makna Coffee. So espresso machine on one side and desk with iMac on the other side.

There’s a stair that you can go up to their black container. But I’m not sure guests are allowed to go there.

Kuningan City Mall, GF
Jalan Prof. DR. Satrio
Instagram: @maknacoffee.

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