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Beergembira #14 : Join The Dark Side!


One of those rare moments when people happily join the dark side: four dark beers
comparison session.

My buddies and I love to have beer on almost every get-together, but we always avoid
dark beer. Not sure why; we never actually have a discussion about it. One thing that
we agreed on was that dark beer taste more bitter than lager style beer– the most
popular type of beer in Indonesia. I was about to get schooled.


Dark beer got its color from roasted malt or barley process and this is also how it got
their characteristic flavor. Dark beer tends to have a deeper and complex set of flavors
which includes notes of chocolate, coffee, and caramel, bridging between bitter and
sweet. While many people are on the sweet side, not few also enjoy the bitter side of
those flavors.

To get better experience while enjoy dark beer, we can add some food pairing on the
table. Red meat and rich stews are perfect companion to go with dark beer flavor, or try
to get a contrast flavor by enjoying coffee and chocolate dessert for another experience.


Beergembira #14 which held at 2 nd floor of Beer Garden SCBD was over-flooded by
many curious drinkers who want to learn more about dark beer. There were four types
of beer provided for the event: Guinness Foreign Extra, San Miguel Cerveza Negra,
Anker Stout, and Erdinger Dunkel.


Guinness Foreign Extra : a stout beer which has hint of coffee note with balanced and
deep bitter flavor. Coincidentally, these are the characters I used to describe dark beer
in general. This kind of beer is perfect to be enjoyed as dinner companion.

San Miguel Cerveza Negra : a new contender on dark beer market in Indonesia which
has been getting a good response from the market. It has a pretty light taste and aroma
than the usual dark beer; it also comes with caramel flavor which makes this dark beer
feels more approachable as a gateway to enjoy dark beer.

Anker Stout : one of the popular dark beer. It has bold dark color and well-balanced
bitter and chocolate flavor, which makes it a kind of beer that perfect with different type
of situations, whether at a pub or during one of your binge watch nights.

Erdinger Dunkel : it is a wheat beer with 5.3% ABV; the other three are 4.9% ABV.
This beer has strong character and would be perfect for a night after one day of hard

So, once again, Beergembira gave a good experience to make people appreciate beer
even more. Like everything else, by knowing more we can appreciate better.

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