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Kaum Is Ready For the Jakarta Foodie Tribe

Search no more for a sumptuous Indonesian dinner in eye-pleasing environment in Jakarta, because Kaum just opened another outpost in Jakarta and are going all out to please your cravings.

The first step inside Kaum Jakarta flung me back to my happy childhood. The historical colonial house has a similar vibe to my grandparent’s house, which I never failed to visit during long holidays. A Dutch style exterior with pastel colors on the windows combined with Javanese style vintage furniture for the interior. It had me at hello.

Walking inside, there is the main hall which has a whole different vibe to the colonial house at the front. Decorated with precast wall panels inspired by Dayak motifs combined with sleek wood table and authentic Indonesian traditional weaving on top, it shows how the people behind Kaum are committed to representing Indonesian ethnic tribes and their traditional craftmanship, and, even better, authentic and delicious food.

Kaum, which means “clan” or “tribe” in Bahasa Indonesia, pays tribute to more than 600 ethnic groups that make up Indonesia. The culinary collective behind Kaum, Potato Head Family CEO Ronald Akili, Kaum Brand Director Lisa Virgiano and Executive Chef Antoine Audran, explored the vast islands of Indonesia and worked closely with remote tribal communities and independent local producers in its quest to develop Kaum’s menu and discover Indonesia’s rare and almost-forgotten ingredients and cooking techniques.

Under the direction of Chef Antoine and celebrated Indonesian culinary activist Lisa, Kaum Jakarta’s menu reinstates the fundamental focus of Indonesia’s culinary heritage – incorporating the highest-quality, regionally sourced products from small-scale, responsible producers and tropical indigenous ingredients. The menu incorporates signature dishes from Kaum Hong Kong and Kaum Bali, highlighting the archipelago’s rich and varied culinary traditions and cooking methods from Aceh to Maluku.


I tried many dishes — more than I could handle actually because of my excitement. I started with one of their signature beverages called Sulawesi spritz, a sweet cocktail consisting of mangosteen-infused Tanqueray gin, aperol, and sparkling wine. Not long after the table was packed with food, from ikan bakar sambal dabu-dabu, mie gomak, ayam berantakan, nasi goreng cabe asap, and many more.


My three favorites of the evening were lidah bakar sambal tangki, which is tender grilled ox tounge with a hint of spice. The second, tumis keciwis tauco pekalongan, stir-fried baby cabbages topped with fermented soy bean paste which had a rich savory flavor I couldn’t get enough of. The third one was sate sapi wagyu maranggi; I can’t find proper words to explain this, all I can say is this is to die for.

Sadly, I only had so much space for all the dishes. Fortunately, this means I’ll have to come again; care to join?

Jalan Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No. 77 – 79, Menteng, Jakarta
T: +62 813 8171 5256, +62 21 22393256
Instagram: @kaum_jakarta

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