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Tongseng Kambing Cipete

Among the most popular food places on the increasingly popular Jalan Cipete is a roadside tongseng perfect for evening cravings.

After office hours, I often, well, who am I kidding. I always crave something to munch on and fill my stomach before I dive into the murky waters that are Jakarta rush hour traffic.

While I am on it, why don’t I kill some time waiting out the happiest time of the day in the capital? A bowl of steaming spicy tongseng with some rice should be perfect.

Now, if you stroll along Jalan Cipete after 6 pm, you will find a particular tongseng seller swarming with people.

Oh, by the way, for those not in the know, tongseng is goat meat in a curry-like soup with some veggies and a good helping of kecap manis. It hails from Surakarta (or more popularly known as Solo) in Central Java and its neighboring city of Yogyakarta.

Here, the bowl is full of goat meat, slices of cabbage and tomato. What I like about it is that there is more meat than veggies in the bowl, unlike many of the tongseng peddlers across town.

The owner, who is shy about giving his name, used to sell the dish on a cart going from one street to another in Cipete. For reasons he is not clear on himself, he then decided to stay in one spot on Jalan Cipete, right in front Bank BRI.

The tongseng is cooked on a charcoal stove, a telltale for sign of the quality of the dish on top. Seriously, charcoal stove just take dishes to a different level.

“Charcoal stoves makes tastier tongseng. We can not get that perfect taste by using a regular stove,” he said.

In an evening, he needs around 20 kilograms of goat meat and a similar amount of rice. Besides tongseng, he also serves gule and sate (goat meat and chicken). He starts after 6 pm and is usually sold out before 1 am.

Next time you are in the neighborhood for that famous es kopi susu, don’t forget to drop by.

Jalan Cipete Raya (in front of Bank BRI)
OPENING HOURS: Daily, 6 pm until sold out
(mostly around 1 am)

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