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Sublime Creation: Yoan and Ivan

Yoan Tjahjadi and Ivan Setyawan are  founders of Namelaka, a rising name in the Jakarta culinary scene.

Yoan and Ivan both took a leap of faith into the intensive yet creative world of kitchen life.

“During my time as a graphic design student, I always felt something was missing,” said Yoan. Sensing her trouble, Yoan’s father supported her decision to change direction and pursue a hospitality degree, focusing on patisserie.

Similarly, Ivan also never dreamed to become a chef. He had always been a diligent student, but unfortunately struggled to decide what he was going to be.

When he realized a desk job would be boring, he decided to study hospitality  focusing on commercial cookery. “Why cooking? Because it is my hobby; my family and relatives say I am a good cook,” he said.

Yoan and Ivan met at William Angliss Institute in Melbourne, Australia, where Ivan honed his skill in the hot kitchen and Yoan absorbed knowledge of pastry. Yoan had the opportunity to work as kitchen assistant at Adriano Zumbo Patissier for almost a year.

They graduated on 2015 and after they realized that they have a lot of in common, they agreed to try something together from scratch in Jakarta and that was how Namelaka was born.

They started selling online for a year before opening a shop at Shophaus in Menteng, Central Jakarta earlier this year.

Namelaka offers a range of beautiful choux with unique taste, arranged on a neat display. Both have different interest behind the kitchen; Ivan likes chocolate so he mostly spends his time to play around with it, while Yoan prefers to experiment on fruits and caramel.

One of their new creations is Strawberry Parsley Cheese. It is a a pink choux with Chantilly made of Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone on top, filled with mixture of cheese cake base whipped with strawberry sauce and parsley gel. “We want people to experience different flavor from each bite of it.”

”We are using Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone because we need a cream which can give a perfect white color without having to worry it will turned yellowish after a while on the display”.

They also said that Sublime’s smooth flavor was perfect to highlight or add into certain flavor. “We have been using Elle & Vire products because it’s in line with our name, Namelaka, which means smooth and creamy.”

Ivan and Yoan said that for the time being they were putting all their energy behind Namelaka, pushing their creativity while keeping an eye open for the next opportunity in the Jakarta food scene.

Yoan Tjahjadi and Ivan Setyawan
Yoan and Ivan are  founders of Namelaka, which offers a range of beautiful and unique refined choux.

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