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Sublime Creation: Jane Elizabeth


Jane Elizabeth, Pastry Chef of Gormeteria, loves the idea of infusing experimental elements into familiar dishes.

Jane never baked a single cake throughout her formative education years. Upon graduating high school, she found herself not sure where to focus her next study at.

Jane then tried introducing herself into pastry, but was swayed to enroll at a nursing school in the U.S. by her cousin. When she had to start a career in the world of hospitals, the pastry flicker rekindled.

“I talked to my brother and told him that I wanted to do pastry. He was like, ‘Dude, you never even bake. You want to do pastry?’

“I had fire burning inside me and I’m going to prove it to him or basically everyone. Sure enough, the first time I baked, I burned a chocolate cake,” she said with laugh.

After more than enough cake burning, Jane decided that she needed to take pastry seriously. In 2014, she secured a place at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. Soon, she found a job at vegan cupcake store as a lead decorator. She then worked her way up to work at a hotel for a year before going back to her hometown of Bandung in West Java.

“My uncle called me and he said I need to come back to help him with the restaurant. Here I am now,” she said

Experiencing the different pastry crowds, Jane commented that in the U.S., people like to have lots of texture and not afraid to try something new, while in Indonesia, people tend to hold on to something familiar.

These differing experiences have led Jane to build affinity in combining familiarity with experiment, which she imbued in one of her most recent creations: strawberry shortcake

“I just came back from Singapore and went to the Japanese patisserie chain Henri Charpentier there and I tried the strawberry shortcake. I was amazed of how good it was.”

Set with the quest of making a great strawberry shortcake, she found a hard time on the perfect mascarpone.

“I couldn’t find one because the imported goods usually aren’t sold in Indonesia. I had few trial and error as I wanted to make it moist and not dry.

“I tried variants of product and finally stumbled into Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone. It enhances and brings out not only the flavor but also the look of my strawberry shortcake.”

Moving forward, Jane plans to use more Sublime in her creations. She has been tinkering with the idea of combining Sublime with avocado and coffee.

As part of the longer term plan, Jane is determined to learn more about wedding cake by working as a wedding cake and 3D cake decorator. She hopes one day to open her own shop and possibly be the female version of Willy Wonka.


Jane is the Pastry Chef of Gormeteria which is based in her hometown: the creative hub of Bandung in West Java.

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