In The Mood For Holidays

How do we survive the holiday season? Learn a thing or two from the founder of Pipiltin Cocoa, Tissa Aunilla, who shares ideas on how to have a productive and happy holiday.

Holidays for Tissa are not about lounging around. In fact, for the lawyer-turned-chocolatier, holidays are when she is more productive and creative.

Tissa often uses her holiday time to travel. Bali is her favorite destination. She has reason to visit Bali more often than most people as she has a business in Bali and she is always looking for a new cacao plantation to discover.

“It is very relevant to go to Bali. We sourced our chocolate from Jembrana and Tabanan. The chocolate in Jembrana is superb and even Valrhona is sourcing their beans from there. Local producer like us have to fight to get a supply from Jembrana. The quality of the beans is superb as the farmers already know how to treat the beans properly. The beans are heavy, round, don’t smell earthy. It is just superb.”

Traveling also sowed the seed for the idea of Pipiltin. Tissa got the idea to found the chocolate company during a vacation in Switzerland when she saw lots of Indonesian chocolate marketed as premium goods.

“In Indonesia, chocolate consumption and popularity with the locals aren’t as high when compared to, say, Switzerland and Belgium. It’s a concern, because Indonesia is the third-largest chocolate-producing nation in the world.”

Lead by fascination and curiosity, she began to teach herself at home. She set up a “chocolate room” with a marble table to practice tempering of various kinds of chocolate, learn about the melting points of each individual chocolate and get to know couverture chocolates available on the market.

She also went to Schwyz in Switzerland to get a Master Chocolatier Certification from Felchlin Condirama. In 2013, Tissa happily changed her legal robes to an apron.

When she is not traveling, Tissa spends her days off baking, cooking and spending quality time with family. As a dessert person, she prefers to bake rather than cook. Her signature holiday dessert is  the classic blackforest.

Long before Pipiltin was founded, Tissa was  known as for her awesome of blackforest among friends and family.

“I got the recipe from a book but of course I modified it. I paid attention to the layering, sweetness level, and chocolate percentage. It has the right ratio of ingredients. Oh, one more thing, I added more rum to it,” she said.

The best way to spend the holiday is getting her hands dirty with her eight-year-old daughter Lana in the kitchen.

Like mother, like daughter; Lana is always ready to try her mother’s creations. Though Tissa believes that Lana can be whatever she aspires to be, she has high hopes that Lana will follow in her footsteps.

“Holidays are a time when I can try and create more recipes. I also can use the time to bond more with my family. It is a win-win situation.”

For this FoodieS issue, Tissa and Lana worked together to make the young lady’s favorite soft marshmallow chocolate cookies.

The inspiration comes from Lana’s favorite ingredients: chocolate and marshmallow. It started when Lana got a cookie recipe from her school. Determined to win the title of, “maker of great cookies” in her class, she consulted with Tissa. With mom’s help, she created the perfect mix between chocolate and marshmallow in a cookie.

Choco Marshmallow CookieS


80 gr                  brown sugar

100 gr                 sugar

105 gr                 unsalted butter

2 gr                     baking soda

28 gr                  water

18 gr                   whole egg

174 gr                 flour

1.5 gr                  salt

80 gr                  marshmallow

249 gr                60% dark chocolate



  • Preheat oven to 170 °C
  • In a bowl, mix brown sugar, sugar and unsalted water
  • In another bowl, mix baking soda and water. Add to the first mix
  • Add egg, flour and salt
  • Add melted dark chocolate. Mix before it cools down
  • Add marshmallows
  • Divide into 50-gram pieces, bake for eight minutes


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Written by Tatu Hutami Photographs by Dennie Ramon August 1, 2017.