Scusa Trattoria at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta

Jakarta residents often complain about the unbalanced routine of eating quickly in a mall without truly enjoying the satisfaction of a relaxed meal in the city, so AYANA’s creative culinary team presents three new summer promotions to put the ‘wow’ back into casual daily dining.

Fresh Crayfish in July

Starting in July, Scusa’s sophisticated interiors create the perfect atmosphere for city residents and travelers alike to sit back and appreciate the finer things in life, such as the freshest crayfish available delivered directly to AYANA.

A premium dish that is not easy to find in the heart of Jakarta, AYANA’s chefs have sourced the best crayfish on the market to offer a unique selection of dishes prepared to satisfy a wide range of discerning palates.

Blue Manna Crab in August

In August, foodies will delight over the chef’s decision to showcase Blue Manna Crab as the highlight of Scusa’s monthly summer promotion. Sweet and tender, Blue Manna crab is a rare delicacy that is perfect when shared with friends and colleagues over a round of ice-cold beers or a bottle (or two) of perfectly chilled white wine.

A Taste of Italy in September

Take a mindful journey to the homeland of fine Italian cuisine with AYANA’s menu of traditional dishes prepared with the ripest heirloom tomatoes imaginable. Bursting with flavor, each bite will remind you or your European travels, or at the very least will inspire you to plan an adventure to the old country as soon as possible.


Midplaza, Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 10-11.
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Photographs by: AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA

Written by FoodieS July 27, 2017.