Nasi Kuning Cakalang OMA

Nasi kuning is omnipresent, but not many are done well.

Nasi kuning is a classic Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, hence the name, which literally means yellow rice.

In Indonesian culture, nasi kuning has symbolic meaning. It is often served at  ceremonies or celebrations as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

I remember how my mom always made a cone-shaped tower of nasi kuning for my birthdays. It’s hearty and warm with a lot of side dishes, which we enjoyed together at the dining table and also shared with the neighbors.

Other than for occasional events, it’s also a  dish sold on streets or traditional markets for breakfast. But, what if you are not a breakfast type of person and you want nasi kuning for lunch?


Well, you can try this place famous on the delivery food scene, called Nasi kuning Cakalang Oma. It’s a small yet cozy place located near the busy centre of South Jakarta.

I recently visited the place right after lunch time, and there were only a few guests inside, but delivery drivers kept coming one after another. The people behind the business had prepared the dishes in ready-to-go plastic boxes. When I ordered one, they just took one of the boxes and  served it on a plate.

The nasi kuning here is served with three optional side dishes, cakalang, a spicy smoked skipjack; ayam woku, yellow simmered chicken; and ayam rabe rica which is stir-fried pulled spicy chicken. I tried the ayam woku, which looked dry but I found it juicy inside from my first bite. It also had a fragrant and rich taste from the spices, truly similar to how my mom used to make it.

If you want to try, don’t forget the panada, a traditional snack from Manado. Imagine the combination of sweet bread and spicy smoked cakalang colliding and melting inside your mouth.


You can have one portion of nasi kuning for Rp 24,000. It consists of one of the three optional main dishes, shredded omelet, chicken floss, half boiled egg and sambal. There are many other options of side dishes for an additional price. The small box was deceiving because it completely satisfied my taste buds and my belly, not to mention evoking good memories.


Jalan Cikajang No.74, Senopati, Jakarta.
T: +62 878 7755 8416
Instagram: @kantinoma
OPENING HOURS: Daily, 7 am – 4 pm
SPEND:  Rp 24,000 – Rp 50,000 per person

Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard July 25, 2017.