Hawaiian Dish at Honu Poké & Matcha Bar

Honu Poké & Matcha Bar in Kemang is getting a lot of attention these days; it’s clear from the swarm of people waiting for their orders there. I checked it out to see what’s the deal.

What the place basically offering is pairing Hawaiian dishes with Japanese matcha or green tea. While Hawaiian food is not something new in Jakarta, pairing it with Japanese element is not so common in town.

The poké bowl served here includes raw fish, rice and some toppings. They have three favorite poké bowl: Honu-Lulu (with tuna), Yugo (salmon) and Two & Two (tuna and salmon), each comes with their own toppings.

I decided to try their Yugo: salmon with shoyu, edamame, wakame, tobiko, and Japanese purple pickle.

I did not have any expectation, so I was happy when it turned out quite good. The use of shoyu lent a sweetness, working well with the edamame and tobiko. By the way, you can choose from two kind of rice: white sushi rice and brown rice without extra charge. They made the rice sticky like that of sushi, that’s why it’s called white sushi rice.

For the beverage I chose matcha latte. They claimed to use 100 percent organic tea sourced directly from Kagoshima, Japan. However, I can tell you that it’s among the freshest and tastiest green tea latte I’ve ever tried. It’s naturally sweet; I guess it’s from the milk. The milk flavor came up front followed by the green tea earthiness. No wonder it’s their signature.

The restaurant is nice and clean, the place is not to big but it has separated smoking and non smoking room. Honu can be a really good option when you are bored with other restaurant in the Kemang neighborhood.

Psst.. their wifi password is pokebowl.


Jalan Kemang Selatan Raya No. 125
Instagram: @honueats
Spend: Rp 100,000 per person

Written by Lion Haloho Photographs by Lion Haloho July 18, 2017.