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Month: July 2017

Gelato Secrets Opens in Setiabudi One, Jakarta

Gelato Secrets Opens in Setiabudi One, Jakarta

Gelato Secrets opens their second store at Setiabudi One, South Jakarta in July. As a home to a wide range of delectable cuisine, Setiabudi One is selected to be a part of Gelato Secrets’s continuing success in Jakarta. Located in one of the busiest areas […]

Charins Chang’s Meticulous Mess

Charins Chang’s Meticulous Mess

Charins Chang, the new Head Pastry Chef at Union Group, describes her style as a beautiful mess, while paying close attention to every dish’s elements. She sat down with FoodieS to share the inspiration behind her creations. The first time Charins baked a cake happened […]

Alit Mendala: Bali All The Way

Alit Mendala: Bali All The Way

G.N. Satya Utama Alit Mendala from JuMaNa was born in Denpasar, Bali, and raised surrounded with Balinese food. However, Bali still surprises him in the most unexpected ways possible.

Alit originally hails from Singaraja, but because his parents worked in Denpasar, he is more familiar with Denpasar. He was raised by a mother who was passionate about food and cooking.

Growing up, Alit would have ayam betutu, Balinese minced beef or chicken satay, garang asem, jukut undis, Balinese tum, and berengkes polo which is made from the head of suckling pig.

“My favorite dishes are Balinese foods, especially babi guling because the taste is very rich and complex. You also have everything in one dish as it consists of soup, vegetables, satay, rice, pork meat and crispy pork skin.”

Exposed to Balinese culture and cuisine, being a chef seemed to be most reasonable thing for him to do. Not to mention that he was surrounded by cooks.

“I’m very lucky, I have a smart mother who cooks good food. I also got some influence from two of my uncles. One is living in Brisbane; he has been living there for 25 years and works as a chef. Another one is in Bali; he is a renowned executive chef who works at a five-star hotel.”

The first dish he tried his hand at was a dish called lawar made from cooked minced beef or chicken, mixed with Balinese spices and chopped of steamed young jackfruit.

Alit is now a working at JuMaNa at the Banyan Tree Ungasan which employs French cuisine with a Japanese twist.

JuMaNa pairs fine dining with spectacular views from its lofty 70-meter-high cliff perch over the Indian Ocean. It is armed with sophisticated decor and contemporary art. Sculptures and rattan chairs adorn its interiors, and large seamless floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows allow great views for visitors.

The menu at JuMaNa is an eclectic selection of French cuisine. The menu lists gourmet creations based on fresh seafood, meat and vegetarian choices. The presentations are mini works of art on stylish plates that make everyone gasp with admiration. Recommended dishes range from Alaskan king crab and Kobe beef to foie gras terrine.

Alaskan king crab is made from king crab cooked in court bouillon combined with transparent consommé gazpacho with some Japanese flavors from yuzu aioli and soya emulsion. The flavor is rich and complex with some sourness and spiciness, a must have for a starter or appetizer.

For Kobe beef, Alit chooses only the best quality Japanese Wagyu beef. He combines the beef with ginger butternut squash puree and spring vegetables, iberico and potato croquettes, completed with truffle just on the side.

“Some of the guests don’t want any sauce to get the real flavor or taste from the beef itself, that’s why we put the sauce on the side,” explained Alit.

For the fois gras terrine, Alit marinates French duck liver with Japanese spices and leave it overnight. When it has absorbed the spices, he steams and layers the liver with gelee au muscat de beaumes de venise mixed with kumquat chutney and truffle brioche.

In the future, Alit would like to dig deeper into Balinese cuisine as it is a big part of his life.


Midnight snack?
Potato chips

Baked or fried?

Hangover cure?

Food on a skewer or a tiny spoon?
Food on a skewer

Last meal on earth?

Soup or salad?

Chicken breast or thigh?
Chicken thigh

Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
Dinner for breakfast

If you were stranded on an island with just one type of food, what would it be?
Young coconut

Jalan Melasti, Banjar Kelod
Ungasan, Bali
T: +62 361 300 7000
Instagram: @banyantreebali

Rasa Restaurant Elevates Jakarta’s Casual Culinary Scene With Stylish Weekend Dining

Rasa Restaurant Elevates Jakarta’s Casual Culinary Scene With Stylish Weekend Dining

Slow down for the weekend and enjoy memorable meals with friends, family and colleagues. Thoughtfully conceptualized by Rasa’s creative culinary team, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA is the place to be to relax and rejuvenate before Monday rolls around again. The weekend kicks off with AYANA’s new Friday Night […]

Scusa Trattoria at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta

Scusa Trattoria at Ayana Midplaza Jakarta

Jakarta residents often complain about the unbalanced routine of eating quickly in a mall without truly enjoying the satisfaction of a relaxed meal in the city, so AYANA’s creative culinary team presents three new summer promotions to put the ‘wow’ back into casual daily dining. Fresh Crayfish in […]

Who is Chef Bruno?

Who is Chef Bruno?


“Barbecuing has always been a shared activity. You don’t just fire up the grill to cook for yourself, you cook for your family, your friends, the people you love spending time with, and you indulge.”

Why barbecue? Why pork ribs? Why warung? Why is a French fine dining chef flirting with gastronomy that is so… street?

Because he can. Being in Bali and enjoying the warung experience, Chef Bruno instinctively knows the kind of place he wants – one that enhances his creativity while letting him have fun. And Hog Wild is always a lot of fun. Chef Bruno and his team have found the right balance to serving up fare that is so simple yet so complex in the way it defines the dining experience. You just don’t taste it, you feel it. You feel it the moment you tear a tender piece of rib from a perfectly grilled slab, when you lick your fingers to savour every bit of barbecue sauce.


You feel it in the hot and homey Sop Buntut, in the crisp Bebek Goreng,in the wild Martini that comes to you with an infectious Shake-shake-shake Dance. You feel it and you think, yes I can celebrate today. You’ll probably even find yourself posing for photos in a red halter dress, wind beneath your feet, and the Hog Wild credo behind you that pretty much sums up what you feel that very moment. You’ll find yourself letting go.

And when you do, you should know that there’s a suave, blue-eyed chef who is all too glad that you’re doing what he continues to do, in the name of love. With him you can always go Hog Wild.


His name is Bruno, Chef Bruno.

We’re more than just Wicked Ribs and Brutal Martinis!

With Chef Bruno, we make sure that you’ll always have a delicious time with us.


From our pork ribs to our martinis, everything that comes from our kitchen is meticulously sourced and prepared to maintain fine dining standards, in a warung setting.

So you don’t just taste what we make, feel it. You don’t sip, you slurp. You don’t bite, you gorge.

You don’t just dine, you celebrate.

Indulge in wicked ribs, tempting treats and have a roaring good time at the hottest place in Bali.


Jalan Batu Belig 41, Kerobokan, Bali
T: +62 361 8476722, +62 828 3616724
TripAdvisor: @hogwildinbali
Twitter: @letsgohogwild
Facebook: letsgohogwild
Photographs: Hog Wild

Belvedere Martini Week 2017 is Coming with Style

Belvedere Martini Week 2017 is Coming with Style

Belvedere Vodka, the world’s first luxury vodka, came back with a weeklong festivity to celebrate the exquisite taste of Belvedere martinis in Belvedere Martini Week 2017. Partnering with six best outlets in Jakarta, the event will challenge respective outlets’ mixologist to showcase their Belvedere Martini […]

Nasi Kuning Cakalang OMA

Nasi Kuning Cakalang OMA

Nasi kuning is omnipresent, but not many are done well. Nasi kuning is a classic Indonesian rice dish cooked with coconut milk and turmeric, hence the name, which literally means yellow rice. In Indonesian culture, nasi kuning has symbolic meaning. It is often served at  ceremonies […]

Lorenzo Buccarini: Sharing Is Caring

Lorenzo Buccarini: Sharing Is Caring

Hailing from the central Italian region of Marche, Chef Lorenzo Buccarini has been passionately preparing authentic Italian cuisine at Amanusa in Nusa Dua. In its exquisite surrounds he showcases local produce from Bali and beyond, ingredients from his Italian roots, and homemade pasta and hand-selected market-fresh seafood.

Lorenzo recalled that his childhood was an amusing experience. He was surrounded by the best things life can offer: a loving family and fresh, healthy food.

“I was born and raised in Cagli, a small village in Marche, where I had all my family. I grew up with local food and produce  made by my mother and grandmothers,” Lorenzo said.

The first time he tried his skills in the kitchen was not a successful event,  but he continued to study and perfect his craft in the kitchen. He kept forcing himself to make great dishes.

“My first time cooking happened for one event in my hometown. I was still in school, I made a fresh tagliatelle pasta, and I remember that it wasn’t a great success.”

Lorenzo found the inspiration to take cooking seriously when he moved to London after finishing school.

Around that time, he started to work in a busy restaurant where he was working almost all day, with no time to eat or rest.

When he finally went home, he still couldn’t  sleep well because his adrenaline was still running high. He described the experience as brutal and excruciating but he also came to a realization that he was doing the best job in the world. After gaining some experience, he decided to take on a new adventure by moving to Asia to learn more about Asian food.

“I never had any experience or exposure to Asian cuisine and I realized that there is a lot to learn about. My favorites are Turkish as my wife is a Turkish and she cooks very well. The second favorite would be Japanese and next is Thai food.”

At Amanusa, Lorenzo creates a series of foods made as a tribute to his childhood in a concept called “Sharing Style.” He recalled that when he was a kid, his grandmother had a regular habit of cooking every Sunday for the family. It was like a religious event for the family.

The get-togethers were no small affair. It was a grandiose event filled with laughter and sometimes a heated argument.

“It was amazing; the quality of the food, the quantity, and everything was left in the middle of the table; while we were talking and sharing our arguments we were sharing also the food. That’s what we want recreate here at Amanusa.”

It is the spirit that Lorenzo is expecting guests to experience at Amanusa: the joy of sharing food and thoughts.


Favorite ingredient to cook with?
White balsamic vinegar

Ingredient you’re most afraid of?

Celebrity you would love to cook for?
“Tous célèbres ici”; all people are celebrities when they come to our  restaurant

What would you make for the celebrity?
Anything they like

Midnight snack?
Spaghetti alla carbonara

Baked or fried?

Hangover cure?
Fresh Beer

Would you rather never cook again or never taste again?

Last meal on earth?
The real Neapolitan pizza

Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
Dinner for breakfast

Jalan Nusa Dua, Benoa, Badung, Bali
T: +62 361 772333
Twitter: @Amanresorts
Facebook: amandestinations
Instagram: @aman

Archipelago Amigos

Archipelago Amigos

The best restaurants in Indonesia and The Philippines collaborated on an amazing meal during the last Ubud Food Festival. The recently concluded Ubud Food Festival brought together three of Southeast Asia’s most renowned chefs as Chele Gonzalez from Manila’s Gallery Vask joined chefs Ray Adriansyah and […]

Spice by Chris Salans Opens in Seminyak

Spice by Chris Salans Opens in Seminyak

The third outlet of Spice by Chris Salans opened in July in Seminyak, the fashionable beach town on Bali’s southwest coast. Spice by Chris Salans is a stylish gastro-bar serving innovative drinks and cuisine based on the surprising flavors and healing properties of Indonesia’s aromatic […]

Say Hello To Sensory Lab

Say Hello To Sensory Lab


Sensory Lab, another outlet of ST. Ali, has arrived to jazz up the Kelapa Gading food scene in North Jakarta.

Kelapa Gading is a famous food hub packed with various kind of delicacies, and now Sensory Lab is ready to serve people with refreshing specialty coffee and laidback kind of food and environment inside Mall Kelapa Gading 3.

In Melbourne, Australia, Sensory Lab is known as a coffee shop brand offering specialty coffee with some only snacks, but in Jakarta they have added more dishes for a brunch style menu and tea as well, plus partnering up with La Maison to provide cakes and other sweets.

Sensory Lab aims to create a full experience for our senses where every menu will please your sight, touch, smell and taste gauges. Niko Prayogo, the man in charge at Sensory Lab Kelapa Gading, also they were working like scientists. “Here, we measure everything,” said Niko. They pay attention to small details in every coffee and food to deliver the perfect flavors for customers, he said.


If you are a coffee enthusiast, Sensory Lab will be glad to have you there and serve you many options of coffee beans, from their signature blends Seamless, Steadfast and Seasonal, to selected Indonesian coffee beans like Aceh Gayo and Sunda Arumanis. Here you can enjoy espresso based and also manually brewed coffee. Feel free to have a conversation with the experienced baristas while watching them build your cup in their open space area.

But if you come with an empty stomach, it is better to sit inside, where there are bigger tables, and let yourself be drawn to the mouth-watering menu. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is plated pretty but not so much that it is intimidating. “It is very simple, fulfilling and at the same time it is very interesting and eye catching,” said Niko of the menu.


Try their Fri-Ken Benedict, a breakfast menu where you enjoy crispy fried chicken with two poached eggs on top. Looking for an even more hearty meal? Their sinful BBQ brisket burger is a must; it’s a slow braised pulled Australian beef brisket, cheddar cheese with soft scrambled eggs. Complete your meal with the refreshing vanilla panna cotta or follow my sinful path of enjoying chocolate and honeycomb French toast, with chocolate ganache, and coffee and cream ice cream on top.

Brought to you by the people from Common Grounds and ST. Ali Jakarta, Sensory Lab will enrich your culinary experience through the casual environment and friendly food. They’re also opening another new store in Pantai Indah Kapuk this month.

Ground Floor, Mall Kelapa Gading 3
Jalan Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Jakarta
T: +62 2145864944