Belvedere Vodka Bold Inovation

Marek Vojcarcik as the brand ambassador for Belvedere Vodka paid a quick visit to Jakarta and rocked the Vodka! Vodka! Vodka! night at Loewy with a thirsty crowd.

With nearly 10 years of hospitality experience, Marek Vojcarcik is an artist many bartenders look up to. He joined Moët Hennessy in 2015 as the Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador for Belvedere Vodka.

Prior to joining Belvedere Vodka, Marek was a professional junior ice skater, and hung up his skates to study progressive bartending and techniques at Bar Academy. He then began his career in hospitality in Bratislava, Slovakia at bars including Sky Bar and Lemontree, and served as the executive bar manager of Savage Garden in Bratislava and U.N.C.L.E in Bangkok. Marek currently serves as the bar and salon manager at two Michelin-starred Duddell’s in Hong Kong, where he leads the entire beverage program.

Marek has been honored in the bartending community as a judge for “50 World’s Best Bars” in 2014 and has competed in several mixology challenges around the world. This past year, Marek was selected as a global finalist for the Diplomatico World Tournament on behalf of Hong Kong.

With travel as a passion, Marek incorporates influences from around the world into his bartending and cocktails.“It is important to taste local food and beverages and have fun with it, so we can create cocktails with a new flavor experience yet also familiar to the guests,” he said.

Recently, he visited the town and became a guest bartender for a one night at the Vodka! Vodka! Vodka! event at Loewy. He prepared three cocktails, namely Jack Jazz Rabbit, Golden Renaissance and Belve-Dear.

Jack Jazz Rabbit is mixture of Belvedere vodka with apple liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and carrot juice. This cocktail is pretty unique even for Marek himself: “It catches the freshness, smell and taste of carrot as the main characteristic, it’s a universal taste which also can be mixed with strong beverages.”

Meanwhile, the Belve-Dear also gave a good impression on the night. The exotic taste and aroma from truffle oil as the main characteristic stood well together with Belvedere Vodka on this cocktail. It played with the mind as it gave a whole new experience to savor the truffle taste with a mild kicking aftertaste.

But to me personally, the Golden Renaissance was the highlight of the night. It’s a mixture of Belvedere vodka, bianco vermouth, herb liqueur, and absinthe. This gold colored beverage was the strongest of the three Marek creations; it was bold and fresh at the same time. This would be a type of reward drink for Jakartan working warriors.

Marek rocked that night; here’s hoping for more visits in the future.


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Written by Yosua Yanuard June 18, 2017.