AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Hosts A Special Ramadan Celebration

On Tuesday, June 13, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA invited the children of Nurul Imam Jafariyah Orphanage to break their fast in style.

As part of AYANA’s active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA planned a memorable event for the children of Nurul Imam Jafariyah Orphanage.

AYANA Midplaza Jakarta had prepared everything well; full of entertainment. I’m sure not only the orphanage got entertained, me and all of the guests also.

The event was opened by dancers from Ayodya Pala and enlivened by notable entertainers and renowned personalities to inspire the children to reach for the stars. Indonesia’s Jazz singer Andien Aisyah performance followed by new comer singers, Esal Revano and Aleta Molly.

Miss Asia Pacific International Indonesia 2016 followed by Putri Pariwisata DKI Jakarta 1 presented by EL JOHN Pageant added more glamour to the show, while Sary Latief hosts the show as presenter. Ustadz Aby Maulana concluded the program by presenting spiritual lecturers prior the time to break the fast.

The breakfasting dishes were provided by Rasa Restaurant. There were also popcorn, cotton candy, and ice cream that were very popular with not only the little ones but also with the adults.

Nurul Iman Jafariah Orphanage is a non-profit organization for children of orphans aged 4 – 11 which provide education, shelter and a safe environment for children to prosper. The orphanage is heavily dependent on the support of the surrounding community for everyday purposes, such as nutritious meals, clothes and educational supplies.

Midplaza, Jalan Jend Sudirman Kav 10-11.
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Twitter: @AYANAjakarta
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Written by FoodieS Photographs by Yosua Yanuard June 14, 2017.